So I’m curious

What do YOU suppose the purpose of blogs are? I find I’m dissatisfied with a lot of blogs because when I go to them I feel like they’re feeding me info but not talking to me. Does that make sense? A lot of them are endless info dumps. Others want to preach at me. Others want to bitch at me. But few really seem to want to talk to me. I wonder why that is since in my mind blogs are for talking. Am I wrong in this? I mean I could be because Lord knows I don’t have all the answers or even one for that matter.

And I totally get the whole idea that a blog is what the individual blogger WANTS it to be, so I guess maybe I’m asking more of what blog readers prefer or expect when they go to blogs.

I think of all blogs, I hate the preachy ones the most and I don’t mean in a religious sense. I mean when a blogger harps about how everyone else is doing it wrong and so by default they must be doing it right. (Authors are so guilty of this) Maybe I’m too laid back but hey I say let everyone have the rope to either hang or not hang themselves.

On a completely unrelated note, Dude, it’s so not chilly today. I wanted chilly. I mean yes, it is cooler, but I don’t think the word Cold Front should be wasted on this sort of event. I think it should have been called “A somewhat cooler front” :shoot:

Eh well I’ve exhausted my pee brain for today and that’s all the deep thinking I shall do. I’ll probably need the rest of the afternoon to recover!



Is it Fall?

I dunno, you tell me. It’s been hot and muggy here. I walked out to get the mail this morning and the humidity sucked all the oxygen out of my lungs. We’re supposed to have bad weather today ahead of a cold front. Now, in Texas, “cold front” is relative. I mean it might mean that the temps drop from the lower 90s to the upper 80s. It might mean the temps don’t go down at all.

So I’ve been waiting on the rain all day. There was maybe 5 minutes of rain? Is that it? God, I hope not. I mean if that’s the cold front, I’m going to be pissed. My husband (Mr. Weatherman) says it’s supposed to rain and storm tonight and be gone by tomorrow, leaving cooler temps. Hmmph. We’ll see.

Gee, do I sound cynical?



Back home (finally!)

I had back to back reader functions so it feels like I’ve been gone forever and my kids are ready to revolt. I attended RAW at the end of September and that was so much fun. I met so many wonderful romance fans, signed a buttload of books and had more fun than a human being should be allowed.

As soon as I got home, I had two days to recover and I was off again to Baton Rouge for a reader luncheon. My stepmom and sister went with me and we had a terrific night out the day before the luncheon. It was a girly slumber party in our suite and we stayed up too late and had to get up too early and then I had a long drive back home. When I got to the house, I collapsed.

I’m soooo excited because this week is the official release of Sweet Seduction :elephant:

I love Nathan and Julie’s story so much. Nathan *sigh* I love that man. I hope readers will enjoy it too :hug:

I’m still working on KGI book 2, Sam and Sophie’s story. It’s been fun so far! I’m also working on Pillow Talk which is a yummy, really HOT novella for an anthology that releases next year. It has firefighters! And for fans of Seducing Simon, I return to Cypress, TX and the same fire station that Simon and the guys worked at so you’ll definitely get a glimpse of Toni, Simon, Matt, A.J. and Pretty Boy Mike Sanders :cheer:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. I want to go visit Nathan in the bookstore this week. Can’t wait!


Edited to Add: I don’t want to give the wrong impression of the Pillow Talk novella. You will SEE characters from Seducing Simon, however, this story is about four best friends, Zoe, Chase, Brody and Tate. The guys are firefighters and work with Simon, Matt, AJ and Mike, so you’ll see them but this isn’t their story :)


And here is Wild!

I’m off to RAW and won’t be home until next Tuesday, so hope everyone has a great weekend!

New Cover!

This is the cover for LINGER which contains the stories Stay With Me and Songbird. Check back soon! I’ll be posting the cover for WILD :)

Sweet Series giveaway!

Over at Fatin’s blog, she’s offering to 5 winners, copies of Sweet Surrender (signed), Sweet Persuasion AND Sweet Seduction just as soon as the latter is released.

Go forth and enter!


Coming up!

Aside from the huge Writeminded ebook extravaganza next week and dude, we have 100 ebooks we’re giving away! I’ll also be posting the first three chapters of Sweet Seduction next week so everyone can get an early peek at Nathan and Julie :whoo:

Do we know how to have fun around here, or what?



Happy Holiday Monday!

Ok so the extent of my holiday was sleeping in. My daughter kept coming into my bedroom and telling me NOT TO GET UP yet because she was bringing me breakfast in bed. My girly is so sweet and she’s entered this phase where she LOVES to cook. Her father and I have had so much fun letting her do her thing in the kitchen. She’s becoming so independent.

I’ve stayed up late the last several nights working on No Place to Run (Sam’s story and book two in the KGI series) I had company all weekend and I was sick to boot so I went to bed and wrote when it was dark and quiet. Today I’m feeling a little better and I’m propped in my comfy chair working on Sam and Sophie’s story. I have a lingering headache and my tooth still hurts from the root canal, but I took some medicine awhile ago so I think I’ll be up to par soon.

Watch for some very cool giveaways this month to celebrate the release of Sweet Seduction in October. We just had a 30 book giveaway over at the Borders Book Blog. I’m just waiting for them to post the winners so I can get those books shipped off. Coming up at The Book Binge, I’ll be giving away another 20 copies of Sweet Surrender, book 1 in the Sweet Series. Over at Fatin’s blog, I’ll be giving away 10 copies of Sweet Surrender.

And then the week of the 14th -18th of September, I’ll be giving away a TON of ebooks at Writeminded all week long. Hell, if we have too many I’ll just go until we run out heh.

So anyway that’s what I’m doing these days. Working on Sam’s story and dreaming of another really hot cover like I got for Ethan’s. Can I say OMIGOD PLEASE give me another cover as yummy as that one?

Hope everyone is having a terrific holiday Monday!