The Most Frequently Asked Question

What’s next? I am dying to know when [fill in any title here] will be available in print/on kindle? Please tell me when!

Question About What's Coming Soon

When will new international editions become available?

Do you know yet who will be the heroes of books KGI 13 and 14?

Questions About Slow Burn

How many books are in the Slow Burn series?

Questions About the KGI/Kelly Series

Which book is [hero/heroine] featured in?

Does Rusty get her own story?

Are Rusty and Sean in Joe’s book, Brighter Than the Sun?

Do you know yet who will be the heroes of books KGI 13 and 14?

Will Rusty have a story and will she end up with one of the twins?

Will you be writing stories for all of the Kelly brothers?

Is Donovan’s story after Garrett’s? (Hidden Away)

What is the chronological order of the KGI/Kelly series books?

Questions About the Surrender Trilogy

Who are Damon and Serena Roche, the owners of The House? Do they have a book?

Questions About Colters Legacy

Where Can I Find Colters’ Wife and Callie’s Meadow?

Colters’ Promise? Wait — I thought you were doing a Christmas novella?

When will the print version of Colters’ Lady be available?

Is Colters’ Lady about Holly, Adam, Ethan, and Ryan?

If I don’t read the re-issue of Colters’ Woman, will I be lost when I pick up Colters’ Lady?

Is Callie’s Meadow available separately from the re-issue of Colters’ Woman?

Where does Colters’ Wife fall in the series?

What is the chronological order of the Colters’ Legacy series books?

Questions About the Sweet Series

I love the characters in the Sweet series. Will we be seeing them again?

What is the chronological order of the Sweet series books?

Questions About the McCabe Trilogy

Are you going to be writing more Scottish historicals?

Will Gannon from the McCabe trilogy ever get a story?

Will you be writing more about the McCabes?

What is the chronological order of the McCabe Trilogy?

Questions About the Tangled Hearts Trilogy

Will there be more books in the Tangled Hearts series?

Questions About the Falcon Mercenary Group Series

Are you doing more Falcon Mercenary Group books (Into the Mist, Into the Lair) and when does D’s book come out?

Questions About Other Books

Will you ever do stories for Pretty Boy Mike Sanders and A.J. Spinelli from Seducing Simon?

Questions About eBook Timing

Why aren’t the electronic versions available for ALL your titles?

Will your ebooks be released in print and if so when?

Questions About Writing and Publishing

Do you do any booksigning events?

I’m a bookseller and would like promotional materials. How should I contact you?

Will you give me a quote for my book?

Questions About Maya

How do you feel about New Yorkers?

How did you meet your editor?

How can I chat with Maya and her team?

Did you really lick Larissa Ione and did Nalini Singh really kiss you?

Why do you like orange so much?

Questions About Everything Else You Want To Know

Which books are available to read with Kindle Unlimited?

How can I meet you in person?

Are your contests open to residents outside of the U.S.?

I’d like to request Maya to be a guest blogger, for an interview, or general info. How do I do that?

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

How do I sign up for your newsletter?

Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today bestselling author of the Breathless trilogy and more than sixty novels across many genres, including erotic, contemporary, historical and paranormal, all with a happily ever after.