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Coming up!

Aside from the huge Writeminded ebook extravaganza next week and dude, we have 100 ebooks we’re giving away! I’ll also be posting the first three chapters of Sweet Seduction next week so everyone can get an early peek at Nathan and Julie :whoo:

Do we know how to have fun around here, or what?



16 thoughts on “Coming up!”

  1. Moran says:

    I can’t wait to read the chapters of Sweet Seduction next week :elephant:

  2. Armenia Fox says:

    :worthy::worthy::worthy: Yeah, baby!!!!

    Bring it on!!! :enguard:

    I’m ready to party!!!:banana::elephant::banana::elephant:

  3. Bella says:

    WOO HOO! :cheer:

    Thanks Maya! :kissing:


  4. Karin says:

    Oh, we definitely know how to have fun! Next week is going to be awesome!

  5. You definitely know how to bring the fun!:woot:

  6. Melissa says:

    YEAH!! Can’t wait~~thanks for all the great contests, Maya!!

  7. Emily says:

    THANKS SO MUCH Maya!!:kneel:
    I can’t wait to read the chapters!! I just ordered the first 2 books as my b-day present (thanks parents for the b&n gift card!!!).NOW, the real question will be if my mail delivery is timely and doesn’t get messed up again!!
    Happy Wed to you!!

  8. Noelle S. says:


    You so ROCK girl. :rockthefuckon:

    I found a bunch of books at the bookstore and a couple of yours were in there. My girl tried to sneak off with Seducing Simon and Be With Me. Wasn’t having it. :enguard:

    MY Maya Banks books…lol.

  9. Linda Henderson says:

    :woot: Thank you, you really know how to take care of your fans.:worthy:

  10. Angela H. says:

    How exciting… We look forward to it…

  11. Ann says:

    Yay! Can’t wait. You rock, Maya. :woot:

  12. Jo Mc says:


    So awesome. Thank you!!

  13. Roberta says:

    :elephant::worthy::whoo: Thank you, Maya!
    If the next chapters are as funny as the sneak peek, :hysterical: I can hardly wait! :crying:
    You have definitely become my #1 writer! :whoo:

  14. Marie R. says:

    Maya, Hi!!! Me again, I know that you are so sick of me!! (hehe) I am at my Mom’s house for weekend, as you know I do not have access to the internet where I live (in the woods in the boonies), and cannot get to this site at work. So here I can take a peak at what you are doing. So you are posting the first three chapters, huh? Oh, God! I brought the ARC with me, I am still on my 3rd read, and my sister will not let me alone. I am spoiling nothing, but I told her; HOT, HOT and more HOT. Guys, you must get this book. Let me say one thing; Nathan and Julie are the stars of this book, hands down, they are hot, but Mr. Hudson? The damn man ran off with it; ladies, he is so hot he is smokin!!! Will be here for the weekend getting harrassed by my sister for info I am sure and will check back and see if anything is new from time to time. Maya, once again, you are the best!!! Marie R.

  15. Midnight says:

    :cheer: Heck yeah, can’t wait. I am so excited I could kiss you, better yet here you go … :kissing:


  16. ShellBell says:

    Hi Maya .. any idea on when the eBook of Sweet Seduction will be available for purchasing by non-US buyers? I tried to pre-order the eBook from fictionwise but as I live in New Zealand I can’t purchase the eBook.

    many thanks

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