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Sweet Series giveaway!

Over at Fatin’s blog, she’s offering to 5 winners, copies of Sweet Surrender (signed), Sweet Persuasion AND Sweet Seduction just as soon as the latter is released.

Go forth and enter!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Series giveaway!”

  1. roberta says:

    :cheer:Oh I hope I GET PICKED! :whoo:Thank you for the contest and the sneek peek! :woot:

  2. BarbararitaV says:

    :whoo:Thanks for hosting such a great give away

  3. Angela H. says:

    Thank you b/c I got picked… yeah. I can’t wait!!! I am also enjoying the giveaway’s at Writeminded… Have a great day and Thanks again!!

  4. Brenda Busselman says:

    :pray: I love your books!!! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!:woot:

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