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Happy Holiday Monday!

Ok so the extent of my holiday was sleeping in. My daughter kept coming into my bedroom and telling me NOT TO GET UP yet because she was bringing me breakfast in bed. My girly is so sweet and she’s entered this phase where she LOVES to cook. Her father and I have had so much fun letting her do her thing in the kitchen. She’s becoming so independent.

I’ve stayed up late the last several nights working on No Place to Run (Sam’s story and book two in the KGI series) I had company all weekend and I was sick to boot so I went to bed and wrote when it was dark and quiet. Today I’m feeling a little better and I’m propped in my comfy chair working on Sam and Sophie’s story. I have a lingering headache and my tooth still hurts from the root canal, but I took some medicine awhile ago so I think I’ll be up to par soon.

Watch for some very cool giveaways this month to celebrate the release of Sweet Seduction in October. We just had a 30 book giveaway over at the Borders Book Blog. I’m just waiting for them to post the winners so I can get those books shipped off. Coming up at The Book Binge, I’ll be giving away another 20 copies of Sweet Surrender, book 1 in the Sweet Series. Over at Fatin’s blog, I’ll be giving away 10 copies of Sweet Surrender.

And then the week of the 14th -18th of September, I’ll be giving away a TON of ebooks at Writeminded all week long. Hell, if we have too many I’ll just go until we run out heh.

So anyway that’s what I’m doing these days. Working on Sam’s story and dreaming of another really hot cover like I got for Ethan’s. Can I say OMIGOD PLEASE give me another cover as yummy as that one?

Hope everyone is having a terrific holiday Monday!


9 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Monday!”

  1. Moran says:

    Hope you’ll feel better soon :lol2:

  2. Here’s me hoping you are feeling better, and that you get the cover you want for Sam’s story. Because that would be beyond yummy :):eatchoc:

  3. Moran says:

    Maya, do you know when Borders will post the winners of the book giveaway?

  4. Maya says:

    Moran, I hope soon! They were supposed to be posted Sunday. I sent a list of winners in already.

  5. Moran says:

    Thanks for the quick reply :lol2:

  6. Bella says:

    Maya, sorry you aren’t feeling well and hope things improve in your comfy chair! Your daughter is so sweet! And I know the feeling about waiting for company, no matter how loved, to leave!

    To you I say: :rockthefuckon:

    Oh, and the Borders winners are up. (Sadly, yours truly was not one of them …)


  7. J. Hunter says:


    I hope that you’re feeling better and you have a sweet daughter. Let her take care of you and get to feeling better soon.


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