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The Sweet Series is a very steamy collection of stories that revolves around a group of friends and coworkers, most of whom are employed by a security company in Houston, Texas. Each book features a unique hero and heroine, but previous characters are often revisited and you get glimpses of old friends and catch up on relationships from previous books.

The Sweet Series, for me, has been a continuing story of a group of friends—all of them, even though each story features a new hero and heroine. In these books while each set of characters achieve their happily ever after, things are not always perfect. That’s not the point of this series. It’s about two people who love each other and are committed to working out their issues and problems because they want to stay together and have a life together. The series isn’t about perfect people who once they make their declaration of love, they have perfect lives forevermore and ride off into the sunset.

Faith and Gray, who kicked off the series, are featured in each of the subsequent books and they still have obstacles to overcome, but they love each other and so they work it out. Damon and Serena had a tumultuous relationship and their happily ever after wasn’t quite complete at the end of their book although they loved each other and were very committed to doing whatever it took to make their relationship work.

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