Book Bash in Orlando FL info!

I’ve been trying to catch up on all the info and details for the upcoming BOOK BASH in Orlando. As you all know, these past months have been CRAZY for me on a personal level with family and health issues but I’ve been trying to prepare for BOOK BASH and making sure that I’m doing everything I’m supposed to for the event lol. Hence the flurry of Facebook posts about the event as I try to pass along allpertinent info to you guys. If you are attending BOOK BASH, PLEASE READ the below info from ME

In the event FAQ for readers attending the event, there are many questions and answers pertaining to what an author will sign, if pictures can be taken and can you have other items other than books signed. If you haven’t checked out the reader FAQ for readers attending Book Bash, then it’s a fantastic source of information. Be sure and check it out!

I’m going to post what I am willing to do, but please understand, I am ONLY speaking for MYSELF and am not speaking for other authors as each author will have their own parameters for what they are willing to do or not do

This is a READER event and is for you guys! It’s not about ME as an author. It’s very much about YOU and a venue in which you are the all important component.

I will stay beyond the 4:00 “end” to the event to sign books for any readers who have not yet gotten a chance to get books signed. There are a LOT of attending authors but there are FAR more readers attending and so it’s hard for readers to get to every author’s table they want in a four hour time limit. So please know, that I am absolutely willing to stay as long as it takes for everyone to have whatever they like signed by me.

I am also willing to have any other items signed that you wish, such as swag, book bags, t-shirts, autograph books, book plates, WHATEVER you want signed (within reason hahaha) I am willing to sign.

This also goes for brought from home books or already purchased books that you bring to the event. I will never make a reader purchase a book just to have a signature because that’s a pretty expensive signature! I never want to make a reader buy a copy of a book they’ve already spent their hard earned money on just to have it signed by me. So I’ll be signing books bought at the event as well as any books brought to the event from home.

I am absolutely willing and would be happy to take pictures with anyone who wants them taken. My assistant will be with me and she is always happy to take photos so that the reader can be in the picture with me if they so desire.

I realize that this is a time intensive process, and that in many cases, long waits are inevitable for readers in line. However, please know that I won’t rush ANYONE. I’ll spend as much time necessary with each reader to have whatever they want signed and to take pictures or answer questions.

This is not always a happy thing if you’re further back in line and waiting on the people in front of you, but please understand that when it’s YOUR turn, I will take every bit as much time with YOU as I did all the previous readers, so I ask that you be patient and understand while you wait, knowing that when it’s your turn that you won’t be rushed along either

Signings are fun, and even when you have to wait in lines to see one of your favorite authors, it’s always fun to talk to the people in front or behind you and it’s always an opportunity to dish books because hey! Books are what signings are all about :)))

So please know that I’m willing to spend as much time as necessary at the event in order to ensure that every reader gets their opportunity to meet with ALL the authors they want to meet with at Book Bash. I won’t be dashing out the door at 4:00 sharp and will hang out as long as there are readers waiting in line or wanting to have me sign books for them.

Thanks for reading this far if you made it! I wanted to make it clear to everyone attending the event so no one would worry once they got there and realized that over 1200 readers are all gathered under one roof and panic and think “OMG I’ll never get to see all the authors I want to see in four hours with lines for each author!”

The authors are there for YOU, and I’ll be there for as long as it takes for any reader wanting to meet me or have a book signed

xoxo and can’t WAIT to see those of you who are attending!


Virtual signing for BURN and Forged in Steele!

Hey guys, I have some news about a virtual signing for Forged in Steele and BURN. I know many of you who participated in the virtual signing for RUSH and FEVER were asking if I’d be having one for BURN as well.

I’ve been working with my publicist and the bookstore where the signing will be held and while I don’t have ordering links YET, I can confirm that I will be signing books the week of July 24th.

A few things I want to mention about the event. It will occur AFTER Forged in Steele has released (A month) but it will be BEFORE BURN releases August 5th. What this means is that if you order Forged in Steele to be signed, you’ll get it AFTER Forged in Steele releases June 25th. However, you will get BURN on release day as the bookstore will have me sign those copies and will mail them so they reach readers by release day.

ALSO, you can order ANY of my titles, even older titles, that you’d like to have signed. THe event is NOT just for the new releases, Forged in Steele and BURN.

It’s also available for INTERNATIONAL readers. The bookstore WILL ship books overseas so anyone is able to participate.

Turn the Page bookstore in Boonsboro, MD is hosting the virtual signing, and in the coming weeks, they’ll post the event on their website along with order links for my entire KGI series and the entire Breathless trilogy. HOWEVER, if you wish to order ANY of my backlist titles, you can email or call the store and they’ll be happy to order whatever title you want and I’ll sign ALL ordered books when I’m in the store on July 24th.

I just wanted to give y’all a heads up because I’ve had many emails and posts asking if I would be doing another virtual signing for those readers who are unable to make it to one of my in person signings this year.

Though I WISH it were possible to visit many of you in your hometowns or in a neighboring vicinity, with my writing schedule, it’s impossible for me to travel that much. Otherwise I’d never be able to publish any books! lol

So a virtual signing is the next best option for readers who aren’t able to attend my “in person” signings and I hope those of you who want signed books will participate so that we can do more of these in the future :))

I will post more info and ordering links the minute I receive them so be on the lookout in the next few weeks!

So if you have any older favorites that you’d like to have signed, the store will absolutely order in any of my titles in addition to the newer titles, Forged in Steele and BURN.

xoxo <3 <3 <3


NYC book signing/event!

Hey all,

I’ve been telling you guys that I had a NYC signing in the works and that I’d let everyone know when I had everything hammered out. So here is the official announcement for a NYC signing! :)

An Evening With Maya Banks Reader Event
June 19th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Opal Bar and Restaurant (
251 E 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022

Meet Maya Banks for an evening of romance and conversation! Maya will mix and mingle with readers and answer questions about her popular books. There will also be a book signing with books available onsite for purchase.

Food and refreshments will be served.

Readers will also have the opportunity to meet the great team from the romance site Heroes and Heartbreakers, who will be offering fun door prizes to readers.

Hope to see many of you there! It’s going to be a blast. Can’t wait to meet y’all!

EDITED TO ADD: This event is FREE and open to the public! Also if you plan to attend or even think you may attend, hop over to the Love Always Facebook event page they’ve created for this signing and you can RSVP on the page. We’d love to see you there!


Virtual signing opportunity! (international readers too!)

Hi guys, coming up there are a few opportunities to get autographed and personalized copies of my books.

For U.S. and Canadian readers, Murder By the Book bookstore in Houston, TX is hosting a virtual signing for RUSH and FEVER. The order deadline is March 23 and I’ll be going in to sign all the ordered copies and they’ll be shipped to arrive on release day for FEVER (April 2)

You can order here for your copies of RUSH or FEVER.

ALSO! Since Murder by the Book only ships to U.S. and Canada, my international readers can order copies of my book from Turn the Page bookstore. I’ll be there signing in person on April 6 and if you order a copy by March 25th, I’ll sign the books while I’m there and they’ll be shipped out the following Monday. In addition to RUSH and FEVER, you can also order copies of my backlist books such as my KGI series, my Sweet series, the Colters’ Legacy series or any of my other backlist books that are in print.

To order you can go here and if the book you want isn’t on the ordering page, you can email Janeen Solberg from the website and let her know which book you’d like to order to be signed and she’ll take care of you.

This is a great way to get signed, personalized books if you can’t make one of my in person signings this year!



Reminder!! I’ll be signing in Dallas on Feb 16th

Here’s a reminder for those of you in the Dallas area! I’ll be signing at the Angelika Film Centre next Saturday, February 16th! For more info you can check my events calendar on my website and here is the link to the event to sign up along with info on times and schedule. AND I’ve asked that they allow readers to bring in outside books to be signed. I hate to make readers buy a book just for a signature if they already own the book!

But also, there WILL be copies of my some of my backlist titles available for purchase. The ticket price of the event includes a copy of RUSH that you can have signed, but in addition to RUSH, they will have Shades of Gray, Never Seduce a Scot, the newly recovered Sweet Series and Colters’ Woman.

If you are GOING and if there is a specific book that you want to be able to buy to have signed, EMAIL ME and let me know and I will make sure that the book is there and available for you. I’ll keep a list of everyone who contacts me with their choices of books so you don’t get there and not find the book you’re wanting to have signed :)

You can email me your book choices at and please put DALLAS SIGNING in the subject header so I won’t overlook it.

Here’s the link to the event if you haven’t already signed up! And if you’re on the fence or are unsure yet if you can make it, I’m 99 percent sure that you can buy a ticket at the door but I’m double checking that with the event organizer.

It all starts at 2:00 and don’t worry! I know they have a “set time” for the signing but I’m not leaving until all books have been signed and everyone has had their opportunity to get their books autographed. Promise!

Hope to see you there!



Target special sale for RUSH!

Just a heads up that Target will have RUSH on sale beginning February 10th in all their stores that carry the book. So if you haven’t yet picked up your title and you have a local Target, go take advantage of the sale price!



Awesome news!

Today was “list” day as we call it in publishing. Every Wednesday, the week FOLLOWING a new release, all the best seller lists are published and it’s then that an author finds out how well the book performed.

Thanks to my wonderful, amazing readers, Shades of Gray was #13 on the USA Today best seller list and #4 on the New York Times mass market fiction best seller list. It also hit the digital NYT, the combined hardback and paperback list and the combined digital and print lists!

Grand slam, guys! And it’s all because of you :)))

Thank you all so very much for making this book such a success. I absolutely couldn’t do it without you!



RUSH winners!

Hey gang, so here are the winners of the RUSH advance copies!

Maryann, comment #381

Crystal Leo, comment #19

Tim G, comment #118

Ashton Clay, comment #604

Nancy Walden, comment #292

If you won, I need you to email me at and provide your mailing address so I can get your books in the mail to you!  If I don’t hear from you by the end of the week, the books will go to new winners!

Congrats to you all. Hope you enjoy RUSH! :)



RUSH Giveaway (take 2)

Ok so the gremlins ate the first RUSH giveaway post. Some people can see it. Most can’t (me included) VERY ANNOYING and I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m reposting the original post below so that MAYBE everyone can see it and participate.  Again, sorry!

Hey gang! As promised, I’m going to give away advance copies of RUSH :) And what better way to start off the new year than to give out some pressies!

If you’d like to be entered to win, just comment below and tell me what your favorite read of 2012 was. If you absolutely CAN’T narrow it down to just ONE, feel free to list two or three. But let me know what you read and LOVED this year!

I’ll leave the contest open through Monday, Jan 7th. I’ll be out of town until Sunday. Winners will have a couple of days to respond and send me their mailing address but please be aware! We’re down to ONE MONTH until RUSH releases so you’ll need to check back on MONDAY to see if you’re a winner. If the ARC isn’t claimed in a short time, I’ll award the book to someone else. I want to get these books out to y’all before the book actually releases :)

As always, ALL of my giveaways are open to international readers. No restrictions, so enter and comment away :)

And have a wonderful new year!! Here’s to an even MORE awesome 2013!



ARC winners!

The winners of the Shades of Gray ARCs are as follows!

Collette Caprio comment #44

Jessica Lee comment #182

Carla Lee Deitweller comment #201

Janet K comment #417

Lori Marshall comment #567

Congrats to all the winners! Now I need you to email me at and provide your mailing address so I can get those ARCs in the mail to you this week.