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Book Bash in Orlando FL info!

I’ve been trying to catch up on all the info and details for the upcoming BOOK BASH in Orlando. As you all know, these past months have been CRAZY for me on a personal level with family and health issues but I’ve been trying to prepare for BOOK BASH and making sure that I’m doing everything I’m supposed to for the event lol. Hence the flurry of Facebook posts about the event as I try to pass along allpertinent info to you guys. If you are attending BOOK BASH, PLEASE READ the below info from ME

In the event FAQ for readers attending the event, there are many questions and answers pertaining to what an author will sign, if pictures can be taken and can you have other items other than books signed. If you haven’t checked out the reader FAQ for readers attending Book Bash, then it’s a fantastic source of information. Be sure and check it out!

I’m going to post what I am willing to do, but please understand, I am ONLY speaking for MYSELF and am not speaking for other authors as each author will have their own parameters for what they are willing to do or not do

This is a READER event and is for you guys! It’s not about ME as an author. It’s very much about YOU and a venue in which you are the all important component.

I will stay beyond the 4:00 “end” to the event to sign books for any readers who have not yet gotten a chance to get books signed. There are a LOT of attending authors but there are FAR more readers attending and so it’s hard for readers to get to every author’s table they want in a four hour time limit. So please know, that I am absolutely willing to stay as long as it takes for everyone to have whatever they like signed by me.

I am also willing to have any other items signed that you wish, such as swag, book bags, t-shirts, autograph books, book plates, WHATEVER you want signed (within reason hahaha) I am willing to sign.

This also goes for brought from home books or already purchased books that you bring to the event. I will never make a reader purchase a book just to have a signature because that’s a pretty expensive signature! I never want to make a reader buy a copy of a book they’ve already spent their hard earned money on just to have it signed by me. So I’ll be signing books bought at the event as well as any books brought to the event from home.

I am absolutely willing and would be happy to take pictures with anyone who wants them taken. My assistant will be with me and she is always happy to take photos so that the reader can be in the picture with me if they so desire.

I realize that this is a time intensive process, and that in many cases, long waits are inevitable for readers in line. However, please know that I won’t rush ANYONE. I’ll spend as much time necessary with each reader to have whatever they want signed and to take pictures or answer questions.

This is not always a happy thing if you’re further back in line and waiting on the people in front of you, but please understand that when it’s YOUR turn, I will take every bit as much time with YOU as I did all the previous readers, so I ask that you be patient and understand while you wait, knowing that when it’s your turn that you won’t be rushed along either

Signings are fun, and even when you have to wait in lines to see one of your favorite authors, it’s always fun to talk to the people in front or behind you and it’s always an opportunity to dish books because hey! Books are what signings are all about :)))

So please know that I’m willing to spend as much time as necessary at the event in order to ensure that every reader gets their opportunity to meet with ALL the authors they want to meet with at Book Bash. I won’t be dashing out the door at 4:00 sharp and will hang out as long as there are readers waiting in line or wanting to have me sign books for them.

Thanks for reading this far if you made it! I wanted to make it clear to everyone attending the event so no one would worry once they got there and realized that over 1200 readers are all gathered under one roof and panic and think “OMG I’ll never get to see all the authors I want to see in four hours with lines for each author!”

The authors are there for YOU, and I’ll be there for as long as it takes for any reader wanting to meet me or have a book signed

xoxo and can’t WAIT to see those of you who are attending!


3 thoughts on “Book Bash in Orlando FL info!”

  1. Mayra Tercero says:

    Bush if only i was closer (el Paso Tx.)
    That’s is the nicest thing iv ever herd a famous person do or say wow Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful


    I ALWAYS seem to be a day late and a dollar short on anything that interestes me. I would LOVE to attend the Book Bash here in Orlando!!! Hope to see you there?!?!

  3. Liz Lopez says:

    I just want to say that you got me all teary eyed reading this. You are one of my absolute favorite authors from reading your books alone and in reading this makes you even more awesome in my book. You are so sweet and I cant wait to meet you at BB!! Thank you!

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