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Does Rusty get her own story?

Rusty’s story will be the KGI series finale, Book 15. In fact, Maya felt that very best and only way to bring the series to a conclusion was by telling the tale of Rusty and Sean’s very difficult and long, winding path to their ultimate admission of love and the happily ever after they so deserve.

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Maya says that from the very first book in the series, The Darkest Hour, she knew that Rusty and Sean would end up together, but since Rusty was only 15 and had a lot of growing and maturing to do — not to mention coming to terms with the very hard life she’d endured before being adopted into the Kelly fold — Rusty needed time to come into her own before her story was told. Their story has been a long time coming, but Maya always knew they would close out the series and bring things full circle from book 1 to the end in book 15.

The good news is that Rusty and Sean’s story will bring the Kelly family and Kelly Group International together in a way no others have done. The bad news is that the Kellys will be facing their worst nightmare come to life: The loss of everything they’ve fought for over the years. But if we know one thing about these guys, it’s that they won’t go down without a fight! So expect to see the entire Kelly family pulling together to work through the greatest threat they’ve faced in all the years and missions KGI has spent together. With everything they love at risk, the job has never been so important, and the stakes have never been so high…

Their story will be very emotional, angsty, and gritty as they finally find their way to one another and stop pushing one another away or denying the undeniable chemistry between them. Plus, the whole Kelly family will play a big role in the book, which will focus on the bonds of the family and how they can be formed out of love as much as by blood.

And like any series finale, it promises to be epic and filled to the brim with our favorite aspects of the series, like the chance to catch up with all our favorite characters.

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