You Know What…

My oldest son cracks me up. He’s entered middle school this year (Can you believe my BABY is in middle school?) :crying: Anyway, he’s been thrilled with going to a more grown up campus, and he digs that the teachers treat them like “young adults.” And to give him credit, he has grown up SO much in the last year. :help:

But at other times, he’s so delightfully cute and innocent, my husband and I enjoy a good chuckle every now and again.

I had the “talk” with him fairly early. For a run down of how THAT got instigated, you can click here for a chuckle. So he’s been smug about knowing “mature,” adult things that his younger siblings don’t know, and he loves to tell them that when they’re “older” they’ll understand. His code word for sex is now “you know what.” :purplelaugh:

So tonight, we were out driving, on a treat run (why do all our deep conversations happen in the car?) and I was telling my husband that if I was smart, I would have scheduled my doctor’s appointment in Houston AFTER my book comes out in late September so I could go into Borders in Houston and fondle it. (We don’t have a Borders where I live) So then my son pipes in and asks if this is my “Seducing Simon” book. I nod and he says with smug superiority, “I know what Seducing means.”

Hubby and I exchange amused looks. Hubby then says, “well, your mama writes smut books.” (said jokingly, don’t lynch him) and my son nods and said, “yeah, she writes YOU KNOW WHAT books.” :hysterical:

My younger two children promptly put their hands over their ears, and my daughter turns to me and says, “Can we PLEASE change the subject?”

Berkley Blog

Today I’m over at the Berkley authors’ blog, bitching, well discussing my morning routine. (Is supreme disorganization considered a routine?) So I won’t torture you with it over here.

I’ve been mulling a lot of different plots lately. It drives me crazy, but then it reassures me all at the same time. (I never said I was sane) Because, as a writer, my biggest fear is running out of stories to tell. What if one day I just can’t think of another good one? It’s terrifying, I tell ya.

So even though my sanity is at risk, I embrace thinking about five different plots at one time, because I know, at least, there are five more stories to tell. I take notes, use downtime to ponder, go to bed at night thinking about characters, inciting events, conflict etc. Then I get up and make more notes.

I went through a period, when I was really struggling with all facets of my career. I’d just fired an agent. Had an editor who loved my story leave the publishing business. And for months I simply could not create. Could not think of a story I was burning to tell. The proverbial well had gone dry. I remember thinking, is this it? Is it over before it all begins? I don’t really care to revisit those days. Ever. I’m much happier when I can’t wait to sit down and write because I have characters whispering in my ear. Tell my story. Tell my story. No, tell MY story, damn it.

And who said writers were crazy? (They were right)

My ass is dragging!

I finished up a writing project last week and decided to take a week off since I’ve basically been writing the entire summer nonstop. But I also had a surgery scheduled for this past Thursday, so the vacation wasn’t so glamorous. :sweating:

The surgery was a simple one, if any surgery can be labeled such. I mean a lot of people have it as outpatient surgery, go home same day and back to work the next. I only have one thing to say. What the fuck?? OMG. I feel like a freaking freight train hit me. And I’m three days post op. Moving hurts. I hurt. Thank goodness for drugs. :weee:

And the best part? Hubby leaves tomorrow morning for a three day business trip which leaves me here with the three kiddos solo. :huh: Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to it. I really can’t complain because hubby has been freaking awesome this whole weekend. He and the kids cleaned house and cooked all the meals so I got to rest the entire time. I just wish he wasn’t leaving tomorrow. :crying:

I’m going to start on my proposal for book two of my Berkley contract this week. Im excited and terrified all at the same time. I love the ideas I have. I just hope I’m successful in transferring them to paper. :writersblock:

Anyone else have big plans for the week?

New Duds

I lurve my web designer!  He made me a beyoutiful new blog.  Not that I don’t blog other places, but since I got my Maya Banks website up and running, I wanted something different and sexy.  And while you’re here looking at my pretty new blog, I have to show you my new cover.


 I’m not usually one to gush,  but dayum, this is gush worthy.  LOVE this cover!  So what do you think?  Like the blog?  The cover?