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My ass is dragging!

I finished up a writing project last week and decided to take a week off since I’ve basically been writing the entire summer nonstop. But I also had a surgery scheduled for this past Thursday, so the vacation wasn’t so glamorous. :sweating:

The surgery was a simple one, if any surgery can be labeled such. I mean a lot of people have it as outpatient surgery, go home same day and back to work the next. I only have one thing to say. What the fuck?? OMG. I feel like a freaking freight train hit me. And I’m three days post op. Moving hurts. I hurt. Thank goodness for drugs. :weee:

And the best part? Hubby leaves tomorrow morning for a three day business trip which leaves me here with the three kiddos solo. :huh: Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to it. I really can’t complain because hubby has been freaking awesome this whole weekend. He and the kids cleaned house and cooked all the meals so I got to rest the entire time. I just wish he wasn’t leaving tomorrow. :crying:

I’m going to start on my proposal for book two of my Berkley contract this week. Im excited and terrified all at the same time. I love the ideas I have. I just hope I’m successful in transferring them to paper. :writersblock:

Anyone else have big plans for the week?

3 thoughts on “My ass is dragging!”

  1. Jaci Burton says:

    Hmph. As far as I’m concerned any time they cut me open it’s NOT a simple procedure. It ALWAYS hurts. You’re entitled to say it hurts for days on end.

    Good luck on writing the new proposal! :cheer:

  2. Jordan says:

    I hope you recover quickly. Give yourself time to heal. Good luck with the proposals. They’re always scary. :sumo:

  3. Shenelle says:

    Hey everyone. I’m hoping to meet new friends here so drop me a note when you
    get a chance.

    I hope to make some quality posts soon but first I have to look around the forum and
    familiarize myself with everyone and the forum.

    Bye for now. lol


    Biggest Loser of All Time

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