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You Know What…

My oldest son cracks me up. He’s entered middle school this year (Can you believe my BABY is in middle school?) :crying: Anyway, he’s been thrilled with going to a more grown up campus, and he digs that the teachers treat them like “young adults.” And to give him credit, he has grown up SO much in the last year. :help:

But at other times, he’s so delightfully cute and innocent, my husband and I enjoy a good chuckle every now and again.

I had the “talk” with him fairly early. For a run down of how THAT got instigated, you can click here for a chuckle. So he’s been smug about knowing “mature,” adult things that his younger siblings don’t know, and he loves to tell them that when they’re “older” they’ll understand. His code word for sex is now “you know what.” :purplelaugh:

So tonight, we were out driving, on a treat run (why do all our deep conversations happen in the car?) and I was telling my husband that if I was smart, I would have scheduled my doctor’s appointment in Houston AFTER my book comes out in late September so I could go into Borders in Houston and fondle it. (We don’t have a Borders where I live) So then my son pipes in and asks if this is my “Seducing Simon” book. I nod and he says with smug superiority, “I know what Seducing means.”

Hubby and I exchange amused looks. Hubby then says, “well, your mama writes smut books.” (said jokingly, don’t lynch him) and my son nods and said, “yeah, she writes YOU KNOW WHAT books.” :hysterical:

My younger two children promptly put their hands over their ears, and my daughter turns to me and says, “Can we PLEASE change the subject?”

5 thoughts on “You Know What…”

  1. Amy says:


    Love that girl!

  2. Karin says:

    My kids, youngest 16, say I write porn. Hubby says, “No she doesn’t!” Kids say, “Sure, whatever, Dad.”

  3. Nalini Singh says:

    You need a smiley for rolling around the floor laughing hysterically! :weee:

  4. Michelle says:

    LOL. I’m looking forward to what my two come up with.

  5. Pettet says:

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