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Ya think?

My horoscope for today. I blame Steph for the fact that I even read this. Uhm this is the first one I’ve ever read in my life. Color me NOT impressed.

All aspects of communication are strained today as the Full Moon opposes the Sun in your 3rd House of Information. Your schedule may get so complex and unwieldy that you can no longer manage it. Unfortunately, there might not be an easy way out of this situation. Face your circumstances with practicality. If there isn’t enough time or resources, figure out how to do more with less.”

Gee, I couldn’t figure that one out on my own….

My solution? Uhm I’ve forbidden myself to go to bed tonight until the book is DONE. FINISHED. COMPLETED. Unfortunately, it SHOULD have been done like 47 pages ago. The bad news is I figure I have at least 15 more to go. I guess I’m just too damn long winded…. But hey, on the bright side, readers will get their money’s worth with this long ass book. :rockthefuckon:

3 thoughts on “Ya think?”

  1. Steph T. says:

    I’ve got to get you a better horoscope site…:pffftt:

  2. Charlene says:

    Try Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology. Love it!

    Nothing wrong with a long book. Hey, if you weren’t writing, somebody might expect you to clean or something. :vaccuum:

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