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Writeminded annoyances

So I put up a contest post today to celebrate my birthday and first I got emails from readers because they can’t post to comments and now the entire site is down :cursesign:

Isn’t that typical? And I’m on my way out to the dentist (boy do I know how to celebrate)

At any rate, I’d offered a contest to win an a PDF ARC of Sweet Surrender over there. So if you find yourself over here because WM is uncooperative, feel free to enter here and I’ll count it as an entry even if WM later comes up. Super J will be on the job as soon as he can I’m sure.

So to enter, all you had to do was guess my age, which isn’t a heavily guarded secret, and I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned a few times in passing. Contest is open until tomorrow morning sometime, and I’ll announce the winner shortly after.

If you don’t like or can’t bring yourself to read an electronic copy, then not to worry. I’ll be offering a print copy soon :weee:

One thought on “Writeminded annoyances”

  1. judie stewart says:

    I’m guessing 38


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