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Working, shopping and fitting in some fun

So the hubby and I took the kids to meet my dad and stepmom halfway yesterday. The kids were bouncing off the walls because they get to spend a WEEK with Ma and Peepaw. The husband and I then proceeded to pull an all nighter playing poker. We dragged in in the wee hours of the morning, snuggled up and slept really, really late.

I got up and checked emails and oy! I got slammed. I don’t usually get a lot of important emails all at once. But I had a bunch that needed attention. Anne and I are in the midst of creating my latest cover and that always takes a lot of back and forth because we’re both such perfectionist anal nazis and we want things just right. This results in 5-6 versions of the cover before we both say we’re happy. I also got my royalty statement, which is always a nice little pick me up. I got edits. Plus I had several others that required an immediate response. So I did all that and then hubby and I took a long hot bath together then went into town and ate lunch. We then went shopping for my shoes that I need to go with the dress I had to buy for nationals. I love hubby. He’s a much better shopper than I am lol. He picked out the dress and he also ended up picking out my shoes. Because I’m an idiot when it comes to shopping and I HATE it. Seriously. Shopping is about the worst thing I can think of. I’m an in and out kinda girl. If I MUST go out for something, I know exactly what it is I want. I go in, pick it up and get the hell out. I hate browsing.

So right now we’re both vedging out and watching the Astros game. I’m going to finish up my edits and then do my pages for the 70 days of sweat challenge and then tonight hubby and I are going out for a nice late, quiet dinner :hug:

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