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What was I sniffing…

I only half jokingly told Amy yesterday that I think I was on drugs when I said I’d have my book finished this week. Goal is to be finished no later than Sunday night. Weeeelll. There’s a slight issue. Had two practices yesterday afternoon, two games tonight, game on Thursday, game on Saturday. My sister is arriving today to help me put together stuff for RT so we’ll be jamming on that. So uhm, really, just when did I think I was going to write this week??

Last night I stayed up to get the page count in. Sleep is overrated, so I guess sleep is going to have to go.


2 thoughts on “What was I sniffing…”

  1. Holly says:

    :vaccuum: I didn’t really want to fold more laundry anyway, I think I will go catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s for you!

  2. Yep, life has a way to screw up one’s best layout plans, uh? :cursesign:

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