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Well gee

Been awhile I guess. I’m trying to get a bunch of the little crap finished and out of my hair because I have to settle in to finish Sweet Persuasion (Damon!) Every time I think I can catch a breather, I get slammed by a dozen “to do now” things.

I’m looking forward to JUST writing for a little while.

Opening ceremonies for little league is tomorrow and both my daughter and son have games afterward. So tomorrow will be spent at the ballpark. Sunday I think I’m going to shut myself in my office so I can scribble down all the little notes running around my head.

Ohhh and I went book shopping yesterday, as in a real brick and mortar store. I can’t even tell you the last time I did that. Most of my purchases for the last year have been ebooks with the occassional Amazon order thrown in. I was stalking Sharon Sala’s new release, though, and simply could not wait to get it in ebook or from Amazon. I love her. LOVE her.

One thought on “Well gee”

  1. Blanche says:

    Have fun at Opening Ceremonies and your games today!! I saw your mention of Healer at the WM group yesterday and guess what I just had to do…..yep, went to B&N and picked it up (they only had 1 copy left!!!)

    Have a great weekend!!:woot:

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