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Weekend fun

Still battling the post root canal blues :violin: I’m taking antibiotics because I’m sure the stupid tooth is infected hence the agonizing pain.

Middle son’s birthday was yesterday and we’re celebrating the entire weekend. He’s out picking out his new bike right now and then we’re making his favorite cake followed by a barbeque.

We’re also celebrating my three book deal with Silhouette Desire because this is dream sequence stuff. Selling to Harl/Sil was at the tippy top of my career “to do” list as in something I didn’t expect to achieve for a few more years. That I’ve done it NOW is more than a little overwhelming. I’ve floated since receiving the news on Thursday. I’m not sure what could possibly top this but I’m certainly willing to find out :lol2:

17 thoughts on “Weekend fun”

  1. Cathy M says:

    :whoo: What great news, Maya, sorry you feel so crappy though, it would have been fun to celebrate in style, (or at least to chew!)

    So what kind of cake does your man-child want? And more importantly, do you have to bake it for him???

  2. Maya says:

    Middle child wanted a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. Baked my mom of course ;)

  3. With you on the antibiotics, sigh. And another great big hurrah for your Desires! :rockthefuckon:

  4. Jennifer Y. says:

    Feel Better!

    And WOOHOO on the sale!!!! I am super excited!

  5. A big WAHOO on the multi-book sale, Maya!!!!!

    I’m dealing with dentist woes too, but not a root canal, so I hope you’re feeling better soon…


  6. Maya says:

    Thank you Charli and Lorelei :kissing: You guys are the bestest and too sweet.

  7. Holly says:

    I KNEW it!!! :woot:

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  16. Jochim says:

    Hey, that was a nice one….

    Owen out for 3 weeks, Giggs scores 150 goals for United, United leads Group B in Champions League…

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