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Wednesday's scattered thoughts

Watched AI last night. Wasn’t that impressed. But then as a whole, this year’s offerings? Eh. Yeah, I know, that whole subjective thing (like we aren’t beat over the head much with THAT concept in the writing world) I still like Blake and Chris. They don’t have that whole bland personality thing going and they really do have talent.

I got the second version of my cover for Undenied yesterday. Anne and I had a really funny conversation about the first cover she sent me. The concept was there. She did a fantastic job of giving me what I wanted. The problem was the guy on the cover. He was…for the lack of a better term…fruity looking. He had this funky smirk. He was too pretty and too preppy. He was dressed up in some kind of evening suit. In other words he was completely wrong for the hero. :headscratch:

When I wrote back to Anne, I told her that my hero was a t-shirt wearing, football loving, beer drinking, good ole southern boy. Well, and there’s the fact that I’ve never written a preppy, pretty hero in my life. Not to say that there’s something wrong with them. I just don’t write them. :lol2:

So she sent me back a cover with a different guy, and the result was someone who looked and “felt” more like my hero. I lurve it when a plan comes together. I’ll show you when the powers that be get a chance to offer their thumbs up or down on it.

In WRITING related stuff, you know, job crap, I was behind in my page count last week. Pissed me off but there it was. I busted ass over the weekend, wrote my hiney off on Monday and yesterday. Last night I added up the pages and to my shock (and great joy) I’m now only 17 pages down from the collective total I need by the end of THIS week. :banana: AND I’m now only 27 pages from being at the halfway point in the book. :faint: I soooo need a rock the fuck on icon. Am going in search of one now hehe.

Oh looky what I found :rockthefuckon:


6 thoughts on “Wednesday's scattered thoughts”

  1. Congrats on the writing progress! :) It feels great when you see you’re almost finishing.

  2. Holly says:

    :worthy: Can’t wait to see your new cover (and icon!)

    Just finished watching AI with the kiddos, TG for Tivo.

  3. Maya says:

    Boy is that the truth, Tempest! :worthy:

    Holly, I haven’t found one yet…

  4. Amy says:

    AI…I like Blake and Chris too. :headscratch: We agree???? I also like Jarod, but I didn’t think he did very well last night.

    I think it’s time for Sanjaya and Brandon to go home.

  5. Holly says:

    :rockthefuckon: The only thing that would make this icon better would be a little booty shake, how a smiley would shake his booty ya got me? :weee: No I haven’t hit the margs yet…I will wait for Friday!:whoo:

  6. Charlene says:

    I love this! :rockthefuckon: :whoo: Congrats on catching up on page count and your new, improved cover!

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