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Usually May…

is the longest month of the entire year for me. Kids are ready for school to be out. Family is ready to get a jumpstart on summer and vacation. So typically the month drags for eternity. But today I looked on the calendar and damn. Where did the month go? I’m not sure whether to be grateful or a little freaked.

On the one hand, I’m so, so, SO ready for vacation. We’re all tired, mentally fatigued and more than a little grumpy. We’re ready for some serious fun in the sun. On the other, given how much stuff I need to get done BEFORE vacation, I sink a little more into the pit of despair when I think that I have less than three weeks to get my shit together.

Oh well, I’ll get it done. I always do!

Mother’s Day was fun. Would have been better if oldest child wasn’t gone, but he was off in Washington D.C. on his school trip and he had an absolute blast. My two youngest kiddos went shopping with daddy and after much disagreement, agreed on a bracelet to buy me. They were so cute. They each picked out a card and wrote me a personalized note. Middle child’s totally cracked me up. Then they cooked dinner for me.

Hope all you moms out there had a terrific day!

One thought on “Usually May…”

  1. azteclady says:

    My second/youngest took me out to lunch and the eldest remembered to call before midnight–it was a great day indeed :grin:

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