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Several updates to my website :banana:

I now have blurbs and excerpts for Stay With Me (May 6th release) Reckless (June 3rd release) AND I finally have a blurb AND a long excerpt for Be With Me which releases this November (can’t wait!)

I’m currently writing like a fiend on Sweet Persuasion (Damon’s story!) which is why I haven’t been venturing out of my cave much.

I also just mailed in my first Desire book today :whoo:

Think I’ll go celebrate with some grape Nerds :lol2:

3 thoughts on “Updates!”

  1. kim h says:

    that is great. glad u are back form RT safelty.

  2. Valerie Tibbs says:

    I’m very happy you’re back. These excerpts just leave me drooling.

    I can’t wait!


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