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Updates are done

the web goddess and I have been playing around with the website and arranging and rearranging books etc. I think we have it done (at least until I get another bug up my ass) :lol2:

But check it out. The front page is gorgeous. Has FOR HER PLEASURE up in lights. I’ve gotten two really fantastic advance reviews for this book which is way cool. I have excerpts up now too! :banana:

I’m in the process of making my ARC list so when I get back from RT, I must mail and mail and mail somemore…sigh. I really do hate going to the post office.

3 thoughts on “Updates are done”

  1. Charlene says:

    Urk. Need to do updates. Need to work on porting all content over to new design. Might need more coffee…Mailing out ARCs is cool!

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