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Two weeks…

Until the kids go back to school :worthy: This summer has gone by SO fast, and at first I thought hell, I’ve gotten nothing done, but that’s not true. It just SEEMS like it. I do look forward to having my nice quiet days back, though.

I love utter quiet and calm, and that’s just because with three kids and hubby at home, the TV is always on, there’s always fighting and bickering, loud play, rambunctious romping etc.

But during the school year, for seven whole hours, there is complete still. No TV (I never ever turn the thing on) no arguing, no conversation. I even resent the phone ringing, which rarely ever occurs. Isolationist anyone?

People wonder why I spaz when I go to RT or RWA. Well, there you have it. You throw someone who is used to isolation into a crowd of noisy, outgoing people, and meltdown is inevitable.

I’m finally writing The Darkest Hour. I love this story, these characters. I love this series. I just finished edits on Into the Lair which is another series I dearly love. Oh, and I also just turned in Desire book 2, which I titled The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride. :whoo: Such a perfect title for that book. I’m hoping I get to keep it.

Oh and in book news, I can tell you that there will be a sequel to Golden Eyes this next spring. Amber Eyes is the story of the “lost” sister Kaya who we learned a little about in Golden Eyes. You can look for that story in March from Samhain Publishing.

25 thoughts on “Two weeks…”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, I was reading the exert from Brazen online and kept thinking about it all day. Hot stuff.
    Also your post… I could have written it. I love calm, hate chaos. Summer needs to end so school can begin. Mind you I still have a 2 yr old so it will be at least another year before preschool (2 hours of peace).
    So does she end up with both guys in the end?

  2. Maya says:

    Of course :)

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