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Top Ten Random Things That Annoy Me

Eh so this is a post poking fun at me and the things I find annoying. Note: Most of them are ridiculous, nitpicky or just plain weird. But hey, who knows why people are annoyed by the things they are :)

1. Reviewers who take multiple names/accounts so they can post multiple reviews of the same book while appearing to be different people. How creepy and stalkerish is that? I admit I’m puzzled by why people do the things they do. I just find it weird and awfully time consuming. I can’t imagine why anyone would invest that kind of time focusing on one book/author. (and yes this does happen. Really!) I’m always left with the same question. What do they get out of it? What’s the payoff?

2. Authors who preach at other authors about how they should behave/act/react whatever. I find mostly that authors who complain the most and point the finger the most are usually the ones most guilty of stupid and or unprofessional behavior.

3. On twitter, people who post vague tweets in response to something that happens on a closed loop. I mean why? Your followers aren’t on that loop and they don’t care about your self righteous response to something they have no clue about. Nor are they interested in your attempt to make yourself look good at the expense of mocking or criticizing someone else.

4. On Facebook, people who have their twitter feed posted to their facebook. And little else on their page. You aren’t talking to your Facebook followers. You’re talking to your TWITTER followers and Facebook people don’t have a clue nor are they interested in eavesdropping on your twitter feed. If they wanted to read your tweets, they’d sign up for twitter and follow you. Facebook people want to talk to you via Facebook. Not twitter!

5. People who try to tell me what I can or can’t do, or that my choices aren’t valid because they aren’t choices they themselves would have made. Just…go away.

6. Gas stations that haven’t raised their credit card limits accordingly to the huge increase in price per gallon. Hell, I can only put half a tank of gas into my SUV at a time. Get with the program. At almost 4 bucks a gallon, your “limit” is chump change.

7. Unmotivated, lazy people who rail at their lack of success and yet won’t do a damn thing to change their circumstances. This is particularly relevant in sports. I see this and it’s really annoying when say half a team works hard and wants to win and learn and the other half could give a crap. This is also relevant in well just about everything. Is see it in publishing a lot. Authors like to whine and complain about how this and that isn’t working or they can’t sell books or they can’t write because of some reason or another and there’s always an excuse for failure and reasons why they can’t do something.

8. When my children follow me from room to room as I run with my laptop trying to escape to somewhere silent so I can get my word count in for the day and they follow me like a pack of wolves who’ve scented blood. Yes, I’m being dramatic. No, I’m not lying. I think the wolves might be quieter at least.

9. People who don’t respond. Now this sounds vague or general but really it’s a pretty broad annoyance in any field. Whether it’s a phone call, email, whatever. I admit I’m not the most patient person in the world. It’s a fault of mine. But when I can’t get information or a response or SOMETHING from someone after repeated attempts, emails, phone calls or whatever? It’s a pretty sure thing I’m going to be pissed. And grumpy. And extremely irritated.

10. People with a sense of entitlement. Now really this shouldn’t need any explanation. It too applies to a broad spectrum of people and circumstances. I see it a lot. It annoys the shit out of me. People want what someone else has. They don’t want to put in the work that someone else has. But they want it. Think they deserve it. They should have it for no other reason than they feel entitled.

Feel free to add your own if like me you needed to vent a little steam. It’s either that or develop an eye twitch *g*

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Random Things That Annoy Me”

  1. PeppyPilotGirl says:

    Oh, I am SO in agreement on many of these. Particularly #8. My kids are 5, 3, and 20 months. There is no silence to be had with this pack of critters in the house. You’re to be commended, I gave up writing because I couldn’t get any quiet. Hell, I’ve nearly given up peeing because I can’t do it without one of them climbing in my lap!

    1. lauren says:

      i understand 100% i have a 23m. old and layton will not let any door be closed in our home while he’s awake! my hubby thinks it sweet that our boy wants to be able to see his mommy all the time or he’ll freak out, but really is so much to ask for just to have the privacy to go to the bathroom or get a shower w/out an captive audiance!!! im a stay at home mom so my husband just doesnt get it that at least he goes to work and has a break, my job never ends.Dont get me wrong i love my son but sometimes i just need a few min. behind closed doors to myself.

  2. Nichelle Y. Scott-Williams says:

    OMG I so agree with you on #9. I just signed up to be a reviewer. I didn’t realize people did that. Sounds crazy to me and yes, stalkerish and time consuming. I mean really get a life!

    But in saying all that…I love your books. If I stalk anything concerning you…is to find out if you have new ones out…because you never disappoint.

    I do follow you on facebook :).

    There are tons of people with a sense of entitlement. It is like why? I have noticed it most definitely in the younger generation. (My sisters and kids in that generation…though they aren’t really kids, they are compared to me…they are in their late twenties and lower). What is with that?

    Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. Heather says:

    I have to say that I agree with everything you said..including the kids part..

  4. What a righteous rant! Preach on sister friend, and can I get a amen? I sooo agree with so many of your points. I have one that, well I already have the eye twitch but this makes it worse. I know it’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it drives me insane. You are not me, do not do, read, say, write, go, friend , or anything else that I do. It is creepy. Ok, got that off my chest. Thanks and you rock, Maya.

  5. Danielle West says:

    People who brag about pirating goods on the internet. How awful is it that stealing anything digital is something to be proud of in some circles. I guess that would be under sense of entitlement. I should not have to be proud about purchasing everything I own fairly, but I am.
    Another thing that annoys me? People talking about what kind of alcoholic drinks they drink or how often they get drunk… Really? Bah

  6. Shy Amy says:

    I was not aware of #1 and do not understand the reasoning behind it, but I’m not a reviewer, just a wannabe writer. #4 does annoy me as do your others. I can truly identify with #8. I sometimes picture myself as a goose followed buy a trail of little geese. My 2 geese are 9 and 15 so you’d think they could fend for themselves with me only one room over, but oddly somehow they can’t. Love your books and your blog btw =-)

  7. Tracy Zielke says:

    Number #10 is kind of a “soapbox” issue for me. I call it “equality of outcome” versus “equality of opportunity”. Everyone should have the same opportunity to achieve and get what they want but that doesn’t mean they are entitled to have it just because someone else does. You shouldn’t be held back from pursuing your dreams but there is work involved.

  8. Susan R says:

    I agree! Especially #10.
    Oh, and the pack of wolves thing!! LOL. I think all kids do that. They have sensors that pick up when we need diwn time and there they are!! Kind of like we have eyes in the back of our heads – works the same kind of way!!!

  9. Ellie says:

    I admit … I was guilty of having my tweets posted to my FB account. I just wasn’t connecting to anyone the way I wanted to.

    In any case, I’ve since canceled my FB account and am strictly now on Twitter. :=)

  10. Elizabeth H says:

    People who don’t use the left hand turn lane when they need to turn and slow down in the fast lane to make their turn. Drives me nuts!!! That’s why they made the turn lane; get in it and turn!!

  11. Anita McCaskey says:

    Well, you’ve whacked the hornet’s nest well and good,didn’t ya? With 4 kids 7-12, I can totally relate to #8. A friend of mine used to throw M&Ms outside her office door so she could finish working. #9 and #10 definitely agree.

    Other tips I’ve posted on my FB:

    1. Hang up the phone and DRIVE!! If you must talk on your phone while in the car PULL OVER for all our safety, please!

    2. Just a reminder that the left lane is FOR PASSING, not driving under the speed limit or keeping up fender to fender with the car in the right lane where no one can pass!

    3. No one wants to hear your radio blaring at the gas station. You may think your cool pulling in with your hop/hop or rap music blaring, but you’re just annoying and I’m likely to light a match too close to the pump you are using if you can’t turn it down.

    4. Children who cannot do what I tell them to do right after the command has been issued. Yeah, ok, many flaws with this one,and chance of failure are great.

    1. PeppyPilotGirl says:

      Oh, I may have to try the M&M trick…

  12. Kathleen says:

    People who on the one had give your their condolences in a very nice manner and in the next breath are telling you that “Well the payment went out for this month and because you mother died in the middle of the month, you will have to pay back two weeks overpaid”..being business and condesending.. Makes my blood boil… but that’s goverment workers for you…

    Good points Maya… you go girl… keep up a good rant, it is good for the soul..

  13. Allie says:

    I really don’t have anything to add, except maybe to wonder why, when you tell someone you WORK from home, they think it is okay to INTERRUPT you all day long.

    1. PeppyPilotGirl says:

      Amen! I work from home at night after the kids have gone to bed and everyone in the world thinks “well, she’s not *really* working, because she’s at home”! Tell that to my boss who expects this contract reviewed and rewritten!!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Oh yes, 100% agree on those!!! One of my biggest pet peeves….people who refuse to rsvp for your event cause they’re waiting to see if something better comes along. Or people who do make plans with you, then change last minute because something better came along. Poeple who take forever to make up their minds.

  15. Elle D Hayes says:

    I’m guilty of #4 and only just realized the difference in the responses I get when I post directly to FB as opposed to Twitter. As for #’s 7, 9 and 10, you’re preaching to the choir sister! All three of these get under my skin to.

  16. Catherine says:

    I agree with your comments. Regarding number 6, I’ve read that credit card companies will only reimburse gas stations up to a certain dollar amount if the card used is stolen. I think it is about $75/transaction which is why it is limited. But I agree, it is annoying having to do multiple transactions.

  17. says:

    what is it about women that they think because they give birth they can go on and on about how hard their live is i just had a massive crap thats like the same and for f**k sake GET OVER IT. THANK YOU.

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