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kinda sucked. As I said in my previous blog, I haven’t seen hubby in forever. He left this morning on a business trip and will be gone all week :cursesign: He has Thanksgiving week off so we’re really, really looking forward to that.

I’m kind of in that post finish-the-book let down that I succumb to with every book. It sucks but it isn’t going away anytime soon. Unfortunately it’s part of my process. I finished the book that would.not.end on Friday. No idea at that point whether I loved it or hated it or was just plain indifferent. I won’t know until I go back to it in edits. I did get any email from my editor today saying she was halfway through reading it and she loved it. Huge relief. That book damn near killed me. It’s ridiculous because it’s one of the funnest books I’ve written but there were other really important relationships in the book apart from the hero and the heroine that I had to nail just right.

Today I basically moped around shuffling my feet and trying to gear up to dive into Be With Me. (Love, love, love this story) But I didn’t want to dive into it on a day when I feel so blah. Just doesn’t feel right to do that to a story I love so much.

So tonight I’m just mellowing out, listening to some Tim McGraw on iTunes (thanks to hubby for getting me the really good speakers for my new desktop) :worthy: Taking a few notes and re-reading what I already have on Be With Me.

Oh and I booked the Vegas trip this morning then called a girlfriend of mine to see if her and her husband wanted to join us in January. :whoo:

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  5. Brister says:

    Hey, that was a nice one….

    Owen out for 3 weeks, Giggs scores 150 goals for United, United leads Group B in Champions League…

  6. Groepper says:

    Hey that’s a great one!

    Did you know United is on the top of the Barclay’s Premier League Table!
    check out more if u wanna mate :D

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