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This morning's quandry


So I’ve been working on a proposal and it’s a big one. Lots of details to figure out and I had an epiphany last night oh around 2AM as I usually do because those sorts of things can never be figured out in daylight hours :stfu:

Anyway, so I figured out that I started the book in the wrong spot. It had been bugging me. I knew something was off and well, the beginning was just bleh.

So here I sit this morning knowing I could A. write the beginning in it’s new, shiny incarnation or B. go back to bed.

I have to tell you. So far B is winning… :passedout:

2 thoughts on “This morning's quandry”

  1. Caffey says:

    Hope you got to go back to sleep to ‘sleep’ on that all! Don’t you sometimes need breaks from what you are writing, to work on something else you are writing? But I can imagine thats hard when you are on deadlines!

  2. Holly says:

    :couch: Since I fell asleep sitting up the other night, I hear ya ;-)

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