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Things you need to know about Colters’ Daughter!

There always seems to be a mixture of confusion and chaos when I release an ebook through Samhain. So hopefully this post will make some things clear and help out those of you readers who might experience difficulties trying to purchase this book.

First and most importantly. This is NOT a print release. Not yet. I thought I’d make this clear on my website but I still get a lot of people asking about the print copy. Colters’ Lady which released in ebook format last June isn’t even available for print yet. It comes out in June of this year. Colters’ Daughter will release FIRST as an electronic book and will then be released as a print book in early 2012. I know this isn’t good news to those of you who only read print books, but this has ALWAYS been the case with my Samhain releases.

Because I know many of you hate having to wait so long for the print release, I asked my publisher to release my next book in print and electronic format on the same day. They have agreed and so this August when Long Road Home is released, you’ll no longer have to wait for the print copy. You can get either on release day.

NOW for perhaps the most frustrating part for those of you who have waited so patiently for the release of Colters’ Daughter. I’ve had many, many, MANY inquiries as to why places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble don’t have the ebook available for pre order. I can only give you information based on my past experiences. Typically Amazon puts up the book anywhere from three days before release day right up TO release day so it could show up literally at any moment provided the book has been made available to them by my publisher. I’ll definitely be posting the buy links as SOON as I find them. Promise!

As for Barnes and Noble? They are horrible about putting up new ebook releases. I’ve never really been able to figure this one out because they typically have books from my other publishers available for pre order on the Nook well before release day. But I’ve found that they often don’t put up Samhain releases until days AFTER the official release day. Yes, that means that if you own a Nook and want to buy the book from Barnes and Noble, you might very well have to wait up to a week after everyone else buys it in order to get it. I can only encourage you to email Barnes and Noble and tell them you want the book on release day or you’ll take your business elsewhere. I don’t know what else to do since I have absolutely no control over when they book goes up.

With all that said, ideally I know you like to purchase books at the place you’re most comfortable purchasing them at, but if you’re like me and are IMPATIENT and want the book on release day, then you’re willing to buy it wherever it’s available. If it turns out that on Tuesday, Feb 1 that you can’t find Colters’ Daughter, you can always go to the Samhain Store and buy the book in whatever format you like. They have formats for Nook, Kindle, Sony, Kobo etc. You name it they have a format you can read on your reader. Promise! And they already have it up for pre order at 30 percent off the cover price.

So with all that said, there are only four more days to release day :))) I hope you enjoy the book, wherever you manage to purchase it from.



16 thoughts on “Things you need to know about Colters’ Daughter!”

  1. Shy Amy says:

    Thanks for the update Maya. I am looking forward to reading it.

  2. Chele Blades says:

    nyea I was one of those who hated waiting for Samhain & Siren print version…so I got me a Kindle for xmas….could not be happier…because of your books & lorelei rough riders…I just could not wait…now I get all my favs release day

    I tend to by every tuesday…all the good publishers come out that day it seems…or have the preorders for the week at least

    respectfully a fan

  3. Aileen Fish says:

    Thanks for reiterating this, Maya. And a HUGE thanks to Samhain for recognizing your popularity and bringing the fans what they want! I understand the reasoning in delay but some authors deserve the respect of knowing their books will sell well.

  4. Jeana says:

    Have already pre-ordered it. Can’t wait for the release day.

  5. Sharon S says:

    Thanks for the info Maya. I am so anxious to read Colters’ Daughter. This series is awesome!

    Think I’ll now head over to the Samhain website and preorder it from them since amazon is too slow to offer it. :-)

  6. Cindy says:

    I dont get why some only want to buy from Amazon or B&N. Samhain as you have stated has every format and is usually cheaper. I for one want it on the day it comes out so always purchase from Samhain. Have been purchasing from Samhain long before I started buying ebooks from Amazon.. And Maya I am soo looking forward to this book..

  7. Ohh I’m so excited that you can preorder it at the Samhain store! Colters’ Woman was the first book of yours that I ever read and I’ve been hooked ever since.


  8. I’ve pre-ordered from Samhain, and have to watch myself that I don’t chew my nails in impatience. Tuesday is too far away!

  9. mbot565 says:

    I have a Nook. For all Samhain publish ebooks, I always buy them from Samhain in pdf format, then transfered them to my Nook. It’s even better now with the new Samhain site where customer can pre-order upcoming books at a discount. I pre-ordered discounted Colter’s Daughter last week. So, I still get to read this book on Feb. 1st on the Nook, no problem.

    Reading Samhain published ebooks shouldn’t affect Nook owners. It affects B&N ebooks sales, but that’s their problem.

  10. Anne says:

    Thanks for the tip about the sale price at Samhain. Just preordered my copy!

  11. Michelle Govertsen says:

    I buy ALL yours and Lorelei’s books at because that is where Samhain releases all their ebooks. The best part is that have it available in different formats so I’ll be able to get it for my Kindle right away and I am SO EXCITED! I’ve been dying for this book!

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