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Things to do

This week’s to do list

1. Send overview of the book we talked about on Friday to my agent (I’m excited about this one)
2. At some point, open the galleys for Her Majesty, My Love and start going through the book again.
3. Write a gazillion pages on Dark Desires (ok maybe not a gazillion. I’ll take 70)
4. Ponder the mysteries of the universe (my favorite way to procrastinate)
5. Flesh out proposal for follow up to Dark Desires (I’m in the mulling process)

4 thoughts on “Things to do”

  1. Charlene says:

    Ooo! What’s Dark Desires? Did I miss some news?

  2. Maya says:

    Dark Desires is my second Berkley HEAT release (scheduled for May 08) I just rarely mention it by name because I hate naming a book before I write it, so I stick something temporary on it until I get done with it *g*

    Usually I just say Berkley number 2 :lol2:

  3. Holly says:

    :drunk: Pondering the mysteries of the universe…hmmm I just came across some more new age stuff I could update you, goes well with tree bark.

    :sumo: Okay, okay back to laundry, you back to writing.

  4. Flor Asevedo says:

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