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Theron gets the nod

After doing mucho thinking and then running the idea I had for Theron by my editor today, I’ll be doing his story next :whoo:

Chrysander’s story is first and it releases in January. I think Theron will release in either April or May. I’m not sure which. Which means Piers will follow around Septemberish.

Every time I finish a book, I have to sit back and wait….for the barrage that follows. When I’m concentrating hard on a particular story, I block out everything else and won’t allow myself to think about other stories or characters. So what happens, is that when I DO finish the story, it’s like the flood gate opens and all that stuff I’ve held back on for weeks on end floods my brain. Complete bombardment.

I was literally juggling a half dozen storylines as the ideas came fast and furious. I was able to figure out Nathan and Micah both from the Sweet series with Berkley HEAT. I also figured out Theron and Piers, the two remaining Anetakis brothers from my Desire mini series. All of those proposals are due in the near future. But then there was also much thinking and note taking on a few uncontracted stories as well. :oops:

My brain is a scary thing when I finish a book.

So anyway, I’ve got to get Theron out the door and then I’ll be back to Ian, Braden and Katie. :writersblock:

2 thoughts on “Theron gets the nod”

  1. Valerie Tibbs says:

    You are amazing. Rock on!



  2. Evanne says:

    I love how prolific you are:rockthefuckon: That way I always have a Maya Banks title to read.

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