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The weekend in review

How was everyone’s weekend? The weather here was gorgeous. Instead of the usual 100 degrees it was more like 90. :cheer:

We took a spur of the moment trip to my sister’s in Louisiana. It turned out to be a family gathering as my brother drove in and we met up at my dad’s. It was fun but exhausting. My little niece (she’s five weeks old and soooooo cute!) was just a little doll. Really, there is nothing sweeter than a newborn.

So me, being the sweet, NICE sister I am, offered to take a feeding shift in the middle of the night so my sister could get a good night’s sleep for once. My husband good naturedly took the 11pm feeding and then I got up at 2am when she woke up again. Wide awake. Bright eyed and bushy tailed awake. She wasn’t going back to sleep. No way huh uh.

So she ate, pooped, ate some more then pooped again. Spit up, I changed her, then she spit up again. Then she cooed and gooed at me while we had an indepth girly conversation as it wore on from 3am to 4am. Is it any wonder God makes newborns so darn cute? If he didn’t, the population would drop by 50 percent lol.

At 4am, I crawled back into bed with hubby who turns over and says, “You want another one?” We both died laughing and gave quick thanks that our youngest is six and quite self sufficient these days. :kissing:

One thought on “The weekend in review”

  1. Lauren says:

    Bwah! No kiddin. It’s the big plan to keep em all alive when mom hasn’t slept in weeks. Of course now I’m dealing the the terrible 2s for the third time and that’s not so marvelous either, LOL.

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