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The Sickies are here

Few random snippets. I’m giving away a signed copy of Seducing Simon over at Writeminded today to celebrate the print release. I’m also over at Romance Junkies for the next two days for staff pick days. I’ll be giving away lots of cool prizes and chatting with the readers. It should be fun, so hop over if you get the chance.

My daughter was sick over the weekend. The amazing thing about when kids get sick, is that they can come down with one set of symptoms, get well, then they make YOU sick with a whole different set of symptoms. Daughter had fever and upset stomach. I get headache and sore throat. :huh:

So since I’ll be busy with Romance Junkies staff pick days, I’m gonna go shop for an ebook or two and curl up in my comfy chair to chat and read a good book. I’m taking a sick day. :passedout:

One thought on “The Sickies are here”

  1. Amy says:

    You definitely deserve a sick day, GF. :passedout:

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