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The official start to summer

ok well, it got kicked off a day early. Technically, TODAY was the last day of school, but it’s such a joke. I get notes home with the kids saying that basically the entire purpose of the last day of school is so that the kids can get their report cards and that they are free to leave afterwards. My daughter’s note even said PLEASE take your children home because otherwise they’re going to be “stuck” in the cafeteria the entire day watching movies. Uhm yeah, sounds really fun or educational. Why the crap couldn’t they go outside to play? Hello? Warm, sunshiney, play outside? Why even bother? Could they not have sent home report cards yesterday afternoon with the kids? I don’t know how the work out of the home parents deal with the school’s retarded schedule for the last week of school. Every single day has been some lameass activity from 8 to 9 in the morning followed by “please take your children home”

So I let them stay home today and we all slept in. They all made the honor roll so it’s not like I have this burning need to see the physical report card.

Two hours into the day, I’ve already broken up a fight and sent one of them to their room. :purplelaugh: Boy is this going to be a fun summer….

I wrote a lot yesterday. I’m back in that manic phase. Monday I wrote a lot of pages. Tuesday I did not. Wednesday I wrote a lot of pages. Today I haven’t even started yet. Overkill or totally lame. No in between with me! :beam:

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  1. Charlene says:

    I’ve decided to embrace the fact that flat-out nonstop writing followed by a period of utter sloth IS my process. Moving into manic right along with you. :whoo:

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