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The craziness that is

little league. :beam: My two youngest are playing baseball and softball this year. So far it’s been one huge chaotic, unorganized mess. First game is on Saturday. Uhm, they’ve had like three practices. Earlier this week, I got a call that HALF of my daughters team had quit and we no longer HAD a team and that if she wanted to play, she’d have to move to the other team in her age group. The very NEXT day, I get a call that my son’s team no longer has a coach. First game is this Saturday. No idea if they’d find a replacement. They did. No idea how that’s going to go over.

I’m all for little league being FUN and nothing else, but can someone tell me how such a clusterfuck can possibly be fun? The poor kids are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. :idontknow:

So anyway, my weekend, starting tonight, will be spent out at the ball field. I’m trying really hard to contain my enthusiasm…

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  1. Holly says:

    :beam: Tell all tell all!!! We start soccer practice tonight….let the games begin. I feel like I live in my van during soccer season. TG for portable potties for the little ones and seperate coolers for kids juice and mommy juice!

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