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Taking a break

Friday, I’m writing like a fiend, desperate to finish the book that will.not.end. I see hubby pop up on IM around noon. Now, a little backstory, I haven’t seen him in like two weeks. I mean, we pass each other coming and going, but he’s been swamped at work, long hours, and I’ve been writing to meet my deadline on the story that will.not.end. So I message him and say “What are the odds that you’ll get home at a decent hour today”

To which he responds “Excellent. Why?”

Me: Because I’m going to finish this goddamn book if it KILLS me and then I want to go do something. I want out of this house.

Him: Cool, figure it out and I’ll be home in time for us to go get the kids together.

So I busted ass and finished the book at 2:15. Hubby gets home at 2:30 and I’m like oh hi, who are you again?

We took the evening off, left cell phones off and went and played some poker. I swear we’re turning into pussies though. By 11 we were dying and ready to go home.

All in all though it was a nice break. For Christmas this year, we’re going to take a trip to Vegas (first week of Jan) because we’ve both been so busy and we could use the down time together. Personally, I can’t wait.

One thought on “Taking a break”

  1. cathy M says:

    What a great reward. You’ll have a blast in Vegas.

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