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So yesterday I scoffed at the cold front and went swimming with my son. We stayed in an hour. The water temp hadn’t dropped that much and well neither had the outside temps BUT it wasn’t in the 90s so I’ll take what I can get.

Hubby got up early this morning to fire up the grill. We’re grilling ribs and pork butts today and will have leftovers all week. The smell is torturing me!

Oh, and my pitiful daughter…she went shopping with a girlfriend yesterday for the girlfriend’s birthday. They were going to eat lunch, go to the mall and then hit a movie and then have a sleepover. (My daughter is nine) So I get a pitiful call from the mall because her FEET hurt and her shoes were KILLING her. Never mind that I’d advised her to A. wear socks, B. don’t wear those shoes to shop in in the first place and C. to at least bring an extra pair of flip flops.

I could positively see her little lip quivering and I told her to have her friend’s mom help her find a pair of socks to buy. She calls me a few minutes later and says they found flip flips instead. Because of course this girl can’t EVER have too many shoes. Or flip flops…

We’re supposed to go sight in guns today (hunting season is upon us!) but daughter isn’t home yet, middle child just took off with friends, and I’m really really reluctant to move from my current spot. So we’ll see if that actually happens :shoot:

Hope everyone else is having as lazy a Sunday as I am! :hug:


3 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. Maria says:

    The barbeque sounds good to me…not really a lazy Sunday for me as I still have alot of things that I didn’t get done yesterday, plus I have to study for a final tomorrow.
    I don’t remember having sleepovers till I was like 12, I know my nieces have sleepovers though and they are only 5 & 10…guess kids just do things faster now. I was at the mall yesterday too but when my feet started to hurt…I just drove myself home….lol

  2. Angela H. says:

    Yes it is a lazy… I am glad you are enjoying yours..

  3. Linda Henderson says:

    I haven’t done a thing all day and it’s late enough that’s not going to change. Unfortunately I can’t read either because a damn sinus infection has my eyes all red and hurting like someone has shoved a hot poker in them. By the way, I love your graphics.:couch:

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