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Sunburn (also titled what a dumbass I am)

This weekend was super busy and I’m still sick as a dog but I was determined not to be a pooper for middle child’s birthday. Since we had so much going on, we spread festivities over a three day period and let birthday boy pick where to eat out on Friday. We also took him shopping for his birthday pressie Friday night.

Saturday morning we had to be at the ballpark early for my daughter’s opening ceremonies and her first game. She seriously rocked. She’s one of the smallest girls on the team but man does she make up for her size with kick ass skills. She’s playing catcher and man she’s ferocious when it comes to people trying to steal home. She’s got a better arm on her than I do, and she can smack the crap out of the ball at bat.

Afterwards we bought the stuff for birthday boy’s cake and he helped me make it. The kids are so cute, all three of them. Every birthday I ask them if they want to pick out a storebought cake or if they want mama to make one. They always choose homemade and they totally get into helping with the preparations. Daughter’s birthday was in January and we made a five layer, cream cheese/strawberry cake with strawberry jam filling. Birthday boy wanted chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

Sunday morning we get up early to go bowling because that’s what birthday boy wanted to do for his birthday. Afterward we grabbed lunch at his choice and then headed out to his father/son baseball game and barbeque. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and much fun was had. Good food, good people and…sunburn!

Yes, *sigh* I’m fried crispy, so now in addition to being sick as a dog, I’m burned to a crisp as well. But the weekend was a blast and my baby is now 11 years old :crying:

And now sometime this week I’ve got to buy Easter stuff because I totally flaked until now.

5 thoughts on “Sunburn (also titled what a dumbass I am)”

  1. Brandy W says:

    :oops: I hope you start to feel better soon sweetie.

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