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Sucking wind

like a marathon runner! :passedout:

I’m in denial over a LOT of things right now and it’s totally a coping mechanism lol. Because if I embrace reality then the meltdown will commence. :kap:

I shopped yesterday. I hate shopping. Really, really hate it. But I did girly stuff like hair *sigh* and then went clothes and shoes shopping. I had to buy a larger suitcase because even with mailing two big ass boxes off for RT, I still have a crapload of stuff to bring. I don’t look forward to having to lug that damn suitcase all over the airport.

Oh God, I just said airport…. :faint:

I made a list yesterday in an effort to comfort myself (I love lists) because on paper, things always look more manageable. So now I have an order of events, oh for the next year or so. Never mind that it won’t go down like that. That’s not the point nor is it important. What’s important is getting through the present without a straight jacket and lots of drugs. :help:

One thought on “Sucking wind”

  1. Valerie Tibbs says:

    You’re going to be fine… It’s going to be fine. Have fun at RT and don’t sweat the small stuff.


    *your biggest fan*

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