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Still not sure what day it is ;)

Ironically my last blog post was about not knowing what day it was, evacuations and kids being out of school and I find myself once again evacuated due to a hurricane. We actually stayed through the hurricane this time. Not something I’d recommend but I honestly felt safer at home than out on the roads with the evacuation crowd. Traffic was just insane here. There were several accidents including a 7 car pile up at the only major intersection in my little pissant town. No thanks…

I’m at my sister’s. We left Saturday morning after the worst of the hurricane was past us. It was still quite windy and rainy and getting around debris in the roadways were tricky, but we made it. The one positive of having stayed through the hurricane was that we knew what damage we incurred before we left. When we evacuated for Rita three years ago, we didn’t know anything, just that our area had been devastated. It was a very stressful time as we didn’t even know if we had a house to go back to. At least with Ike, we know what we’re facing when power is restored and we go back home. (Sooo not looking forward to the insurance claim process *sigh*)

The weather is cooperating better in Southeast Texas this time around for which I’m grateful. With Rita, we experienced record high temps and power was out a long ass time. We had temps well over 100 and it was just bloody miserable. A cool front passed through the area and it brought cooler, drier air so I’m hoping that makes things a bit more bearable for all the people who are still in the area with no electricity.

2 thoughts on “Still not sure what day it is ;)”

  1. Greta says:

    I am so glad you made it through.

  2. Ing says:

    Glad you made it out okay! Sorry to hear about the damages though! I can’t even imagine what you went through! Good luck with everything. Sending big hugs your way.

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