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Still Itchy

but hole punching six thousand pieces of paper will cure most of the itchiness. My hands HURT!

I was up late last night and so I slept in today. My phone woke me up at 9 and I groggily answer to hear my dad say hey you guys left yet? I’m on my way. I say HUH? Yeah, I know, I’m so articulate. I shake my head and wonder if somehow I totally missed Friday and it was Saturday morning. So I say what? Even more articulate, yes. Turns out my dad misunderstood when we were meeting for me to drop off the kids. He was on his way and we’re not supposed to meet until tomorrow. :oops:

So today I have to finish hole punching papers so my wonderful, fantabulous hubby can put the booklets together for me. I lurve him. :hug: I also have to finish laundry, pack a week’s worth of cloths for three kids, I have a hair appointment tonight at six and I also still have to buy shoes (someone just kill me now) Then I have to drive halfway to drop off the kids tomorrow morning then come back and pack all MY shit. But if I can get all that crap done by the end of the day tomorrow, that gives me and hubby two whole kid free days to hang out and act like immature adolescents. :drunk:

And then on Tuesday morning I’m off to Dallas. I’m rooming with Larissa which should be a riot. I’ll get to hang out with Amy and a bunch of other people I usually only get to talk to online. (or on the phone, like STEPH! I can’t wait) And I’ll get to chase it all with copious amounts of alcohol. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

2 thoughts on “Still Itchy”

  1. Larissa Ione says:

    I’m going to start drinking before I even board the damned plane…

  2. Steph T. says:

    This is kind of how I feel right now:


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