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Still Cave Dwelling but

at least it’s finally getting better. I have this problem. See I’m stubborn. STFU, Amy. I mean even when I know something isn’t working, I still get all stubborn and I’m determined to get through it even though the logical thing to do is go around it for awhile.

But there’s that whole linear thing I have such a problem with…

So I was hitting a wall with The Darkest Hour. I mean like banging my head repeatedly against a 14 foot cement wall. I argued for a few days and got absolutely nothing done, sulked, whined and bitched. Then finally I did what I knew I should have done from the start, which was put it down and work on something else.

I wrote some scenes on one of the subplots for the book, and gee, imagine that. 10 pages in half an hour. Yeah, I know, I’m a dumbass for not doing that three days earlier.

There’s that whole stubborn thing at work.

So I’m writing, and at some point I’ll go back to the cement wall with some C4 and blow it all to hell :pffftt:

6 thoughts on “Still Cave Dwelling but”

  1. Greta says:

    I tried once to comment and got the black listed error – so I’m gonna try again.

    I need a good laugh today, thanks.

  2. Kelley says:

    Hey were all stubborn from time to time-but the finished product is always well worth it.
    I’m well on my way making it threw your book releases:cheer:

  3. Valerie Tibbs says:

    Well, you do like to blow shit up! If you ever want to bounce ideas off anyone, I’m here for you! :hug:


  4. Susan Bussey says:

    Hey Maya,

    It will get better. WOW!!! The web site is fabulous. Very feminine, easy to get around, & super organized. One of the nicest I have seen.

    Catch you later,
    Susan B.

    PS We don’t hunt, just target shoot, & my 7 year old wants to learn how so can I send him to you when he gets older??

  5. Maya says:

    Susan you can send him to me now. My daughter bagged her first deer at six years old :lol2:

  6. Terri says:

    “So I’m writing, and at some point I’ll go back to the cement wall with some C4 and blow it all to hell”

    If you’d like I can get the numbers for the exact amount you need based on the size of that wall. My husband use to blow things up for the Army. He knows how to figure that stuff out. Me, I worked range control and shut him down when he got creative trying to get around the rules.

    Looking forward to getting an ebook reader so I can read those books that only come as ebooks!


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