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Stay With Me releases today!

Stay With Me is now available! :banana:

Getting her back will be the toughest deal they’ve ever negotiated.

On the night of her fifth anniversary, Catherine Cullen-Wellesley intends to break the news to the two men in her life. She’s pregnant with their child. It’ll be the perfect preamble to the vacation they’ve promised her: Two weeks on a Jamaican beach. No cell phones, no emails, no business.

But when Logan and Rhys blow off the trip for yet another “business emergency”, Catherine faces some difficult truths. She hasn’t come first in her busy husbands’ lives in a long time. Defiantly, she packs her bags for her long-awaited vacation—alone. It’ll give her a chance to figure out what the hell she’s going to do with the rest of her life.

When Logan and Rhys come home to an empty house, they realize two things: One, it was a mistake to take Catherine for granted. Two, they’re not willing to just let her walk out of their lives.

Winning her back will be the most difficult battle of their lives—more important than any business deal they’ve ever negotiated.

You can go here for an excerpt!

Or go here to purchase.

We were talking over the weekend in the Writeminded Reader’s Group about Stay With Me and I mentioned that while I love writing about finding love, meeting newly and going on to the happily ever after, there was something so powerful about taking people who had already embarked on their HEA and show them holding onto their love, fighting for it. People make mistakes, they make stupid choices. They’re human. To me it’s rewarding to see a couple not give up when faced with hard times. Forgiveness is a big part of loving someone unconditionally. Who hasn’t made a mistake that they’ve needed forgiveness for?

This was my focus for this book. I hope that if you pick it up, you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :hug:

6 thoughts on “Stay With Me releases today!”

  1. Susan says:


    Just thought you would like to know I have been trying to purchase ‘Stay With Me’ since midnight EST still don’t have an e-book copy. My Bookstore and More has had major server problems all day. I tried for 2 hours straight, finally made it to check out 3 times all the way through putting my card info-Still don’t have a copy!!! Loosing money!!!!

    On a better note, I love your writing. I bought a palm just for e-books and I think I have just about all of yours except this one.

    Keep up the great work,

  2. Maya says:


    First, thank you so much for trying to buy Stay With Me. It’s been a very frustrating day! I’m sorry for the readers who’ve tried repeatedly to get into MBaM to buy the book ugh.

    They’re working on it and hope to have it back up soon. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it! :kissing:

  3. Valerie Tibbs says:

    I got my copy this morning and read it at work… heh heh

    It was wonderful! You will all love it!

    Valerie :hug:

  4. amy says:


    Hey Maya

    I would like to read stay with me but I dont buy things over the internet. Is there any plans for it to come out in print.

  5. Maya says:

    Hi Amy,

    No, I’m sorry, but right now there aren’t any plans for Stay With Me to be released in print. It doesn’t meet the length requirements. My shorter works aren’t ever released in print unless they’re combined with other shorts in an anthology.


  6. Clarice says:

    Hi, I was wondering where I could get a PRINT copy of this book? (Stay with Me) I’m desperate!:pray:



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