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I started on Songbird tonight. I had to take a break from the super sekrit project because all that was left was a synopsis and I’d rather write an entire novel than face that torture. For someone who writes like me, it’s nearly impossible to write a synopsis when you dont KNOW what the hell happens until you get there. Still, I am not one to admit defeat ever. I will beat the bastard down. It just won’t be tonight :lol2: Or tomorrow…

I’m not trying to be all secretive about Songbird. It’s just that I haven’t narrowed down any descriptions to something manageable to post. And well there’s that whole not knowing everything that happens until I get there. I have the nuts and bolts and that’s what’s important.

It’s going to be a really emotional story. It deals with some issues some of my past books haven’t and it makes me a little achy as I start to write it. It’s all about love, rejection, love, loss, love again, acceptance, forgiveness, hope but mostly just love. And faith. And trust. Losing someone you love and picking up the pieces. Learning to survive. Being loved when you don’t feel you deserve it. Learning to forgive yourself.

Yep. That’s pretty much the story in a nutshell :hug:

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  1. Karin says:

    I can feel my gut clenching at just your description of the book. I know this will be a hard one to get through, but in the best possible way. I look forward to reading it.

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