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Somedays I want to be my cat…


5 thoughts on “Somedays I want to be my cat…”

  1. BarbaraV says:

    I got to be lik ethat cat today. I took a day off from work and got to enjoy sometime to myself. I loved my kids by once in a while I can enjoy some peace as well.
    I spend dome time reading “Linger” That was a Hot book!

  2. Natasha A. says:

    Your kitty is so pretty! And yes, I would love to be like a kitty too!

    Loving the new site!

  3. Midnight says:

    ah, me too!


  4. Jia says:

    Ahh that cat surely looks so very chilled, boy do i envy her!! btw great website, loved the new updated version, much as i adored the earlier pink :). love this new avatar :)

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