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Some cool news

over at Writeminded :woot:

And thanks for all the well wishes after the accident. Apart from a few headaches and residual stiffness in my neck and shoulders, I’m just fine.

I have a deadline looming (and another and then another) lololol so I’m going to be writing lots. Which makes me happy because it means I’m employed :rockthefuckon:

I’ll be finishing one project up in a few days, and I just love this story. Love the hero. It’s really his story. He took over from the start. He’s done most of the talking, and he’s a hoot to listen to. I’ll be sad to let him go. But then I get to dive back into Into the Mist and revisit Tyana and Eli along with Maddox, Damiano, Jonah, Ian and Braden :lol2: It’s no hardship, I tell ya….

And THEN, then I get to wrap myself up in a story I love. A story I can’t wait to write. It’s one of the stories I just sold to Berkley. I love this story already. I’ve loved it ever since it first started whispering in my ear, and yes, it’s that story I was talking about awhile back when I said I started working on something I had no business working on because I had so much other stuff to work on. Well, it pays to listen when the characters start loving on you, because my Berkley editor pounced on that story. And SO, I get to work on it right away instead of pushing it back for several months :whoo:

2 thoughts on “Some cool news”

  1. Yay! Good for you. Congrats on your sale, your happy book, and recovering from that accident.

  2. Maya says:

    Thanks, Charli!

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