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Sleep is a very good thing

Not sure what other authors do to celebrate finishing a book. Charli’s got some cool rituals. Me? I promised myself a nap. Yes, I lead such an exciting existence. But yesterday I dropped the kids off at school and swore when I got back home that I was going to crawl into bed and sleep for at least an hour. Uhm well, I didn’t wake up for four hours. :oops: But man did that feel good.

When I got up, the Fedex man had dropped my copy edits on my doorstep. Good thing I got that nap in first lol.

I had also told myself that I’d take a few days off, but the nap did wonders for my attitude so I got a bunch of little projects done that I’d been putting off. Like writing a long ass email to my web goddess about updates to my website. Also got blurbs written for For Her Pleasure.

Hubby, who’s been out of town, got in late and then he commandeered my laptop to install the new version of Microsoft Office. If I hadn’t finished my book yet, I would have never let him touch my computer. But since I have a few days in which to meltdown and scream obscenities at the new Word I went ahead and let him. I. Hate. Change. I was so pissed when my computer “automatically” updated me to the new Internet Explorer because it took me a damn week to figure out how to use it. My universe tends to tilt when something looks different when I’m nice and comfy with the old way.

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  1. amie says:

    Why I use Firefox–hate IE :shoot:

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