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I freely admit that girly endeavors like shopping send me screaming in the other direction :faint: Tomorrow, however, is the big shopping day at Chez Maya. :cursesign:

Vacation is fast approaching so shopping must be done for that. But wait. The RWA conference is also fast approaching, as in when I get back from vacation, I have like a week before I get back on a plane and head west again. Soooo, appropriate attire must be purchased for that occassion. :huh:

Yeah, flip flops and jeans don’t cut it for all the events.

So uh yeah, shopping. Tomorrow. All day event. God help me…

My daughter is rolling in girly glee. I, however, am whining.

One thought on “Shopping”

  1. Valerie Tibbs says:

    I’m sorry you hate to shop, but hopefully you picked up some cool stuff.

    Enjoy your vacation!


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