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I know there has been lots and lots of chatter, speculation, recapping etc of RT, and well, I’m sorry to say I have no gossip, no spot on observations. See how boring I am? I don’t have the first clue if any of the stuff reported from RT is true or not because when I’ve been asked about it, my response is huh? Really? I had no idea. :lol2:

I did my own thing at RT and had a pretty good time. Oh, I take it back, the one thing I can confirm is that the hotel sucked rocks. I’m STILL sick and I’ve been sick since the very first night I was there. :kap:

I stress about conferences because they’re out of my comfort zone. I’m not a socially adept person, and as a result, I’m sure I come across as rude or withdrawn. Totally not my intention, but I’m painfully shy/uncomfortable in situations that pull me out of my comfort zone. Get me in a small, intimate setting with people I trust and am comfortable with and I’m extremely outgoing.

So anyway, the conference got off to a terrific start because Kimberly Kaye Terry was on my flight from Houston to Pittsburgh and we rode a cab to the hotel together. She is such a terrific lady. She’s funny and intelligent and she’s one of these people who is just nice to everyone, and she has this really gorgeous smile that warms you to your toes. I hate her for that. :purplelaugh:

Tuesday night, the first night I was there, I hosted a reader party for our Writeminded readers in my hotel room. It was so much fun. I bought pizza and several readers brought goodies with them and we just hung out and chit chatted. I gave away some of mine and Jaci’s books, and we just had a good time.

I got to see Beth Williamson. I heart her so much. She’s just so warm and friendly. I wish so much success for her, and I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing some verra good things about her in short order :whoo:

Also caught up with Lauren Dane pretty quickly, though she fussed at me about my lack of proper greeting. See, I told you I sucked at the whole social stuff *sniff*

Oh and I can’t forget my favorite Brit, Shara Cooper, who unfortunately got sick as did many others :passedout:

I saw Dakota Cassidy regularly in the smoking area, and while I ran into her once or twice at last year’s RT, we didn’t really get to chat until this year. She’s hysterical and completely irreverent. (I love irreverent people)

Spoke briefly with Sasha White and Sylvia Day. I went to their mixer (my only party I went to at RT lol) but then I spent the majority of the mixer talking to Shelley Bradley. I love getting together with her and talking shop because we share a lot of the same…philosophies shall we say. :nunchuk:

Some people I only got to chat briefly with like Shiloh Walker and Lora Leigh, both of whom I’d only met in person at this RT. They’re both really lovely ladies, very warm and friendly. (Obviously I have a thing for warm people lololol)

Probably the highlight of the entire conference, though, was getting to hang out with so many cool readers and booksellers. Bookseller Ann rocks. Wonderful lady. Readers Ann and Renny. Two super cool ladies. They both have the most beautiful smiles! I wish I remembered more names. I’m so terrible with them. But I remember every single reader I met (just not their names damn it) and I sincerely treasure each of those moments. I wouldn’t even BE at conferences like RT if it weren’t for my readers and so I can’t say enough how much I adore each and every one of them.

Oh and a special hello to the smut sluts who came by to see me at club RT! Very funny and nice ladies.

The Samhain crowd was terrific. I don’t speak often about my publishers or hold gush fests (and I wont lol) but I’m really happy to work with some consumate professionals. Notice I did not say BFFs or “family” *shudder* I’m a business bitch, and these ladies are hard core professionals. Love that about them.

Well, except Marty. I’m sorry but she’s one person I just have to hug and smoosh and love on. Because I love her.

I’m sure there is a ton of stuff I overlooked and people I left out, which is why I usually hate doing recaps and shit, because it horrifies me to be rude and for anyone I spoke to or hung out with at RT to think I didn’t value their time.

One of these days I’ll get used to going to conferences and won’t spend the first several days in the throes of terror and maybe I can REMEMBER more of what happens at them :sack:

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  1. Sasha says:

    I thought you were beautiful! You always have such a warm smile, and never come off as uncomfortable.

    While we only got to speak briefly this year, and not at all at the Safari Happy Hour, I’m thrilled to know you went to it! Especially if it was your own party.

    Next year in Orlando I’m going at least a day early so I have more time to catch up with everyone. I hope to have some drinks with you !

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