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Reading Rituals

I’m a chronic re-reader. I have shelves and shelves of books that I read over and over. In fact, when I feeling stressed or I come off a big writing jag, I find myself picking up an old comfort read instead of reading a new release. I do the same with my ebooks too. I’ll run through the harddrive and open up older favorites and either read the entire book again or read my favorite parts. It’s a huge pick me up.

I go on about never having a TBR pile because normally I devour a book as soon as I get them, but that’s not true right now. I actually have several books to read, but I’ve been too dead-headed to devote the mental energy to concentrate on something completely new. And I’ll admit. Part of me is chicken. I’m afraid of reading something I won’t like. LOL I’m such a moron. But reading is very much tied into my current mood. I have to feel upbeat and adventurous to dive into a “new” read. When I’m in a funk or just worn out and brain dead, there is nothing better than diving back into a book I KNOW I’ll love.

So, I have a pile of books I haven’t read but want to very much, and I have a pile of books I’ve read many many times and am enjoying reading again. :guitar:

One thought on “Reading Rituals”

  1. Charlene says:

    Sometimes re-reading old favorites is just what you need. Enjoy ’em. If you want a good giggle fit, I just finished Plum Lovin’. :weee:

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