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Quiet week

And I appreciate the quiet because I have a lot of work to get done before we leave on vacation at the end of this month. Micah is coming along nicely and I’ve been working on a few other side projects just to keep myself fresh on them. Sometimes if I leave a project for too long, it takes me a good while to get back into it and with my writing schedule as jammed packed as it is for the rest of this year, I can’t afford any delays. I literally need to be able to move from one project to the next seamlessly. Yeah, we’ll see how well THAT goes.

Oldest son is off to Washington D.C. at the end of this week for his school trip. He’s beyond excited and he was about to lose his mind thinking they’d cancel it because of swine flu (lord knows they’ve cancelled everything else!) So he’ll be gone for Mother’s Day *sniffle* and middle child has if you can believe a “Mother’s Day Tournament” so I’ll be spending Mother’s Day at the ballpark. Yay…

Me, I can’t wait for vacation….

One thought on “Quiet week”

  1. Terri says:

    Your oldest son should have decent weather depending on when he gets to DC. The rain is suppose to stop Sat! It’s only been raining for over a solid week and I swear we’re going to have web feet shortly. I tease the farmer who’s farm my post office is on that the canoes by the barn is his way to tell me flooding is coming. (I live and work about 70 miles south of DC.)

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day even if you are missing one child. I’m going to see if my child that does not live near home even remembers!


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