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Proposal writing

This month is going to be spent writing proposals. I have several I’ve been putting off and now they’ve caught up with me :help: But it’s going well after a slow start. I’m in the zone on the first even though I’m constantly being sidetracked by a different proposal that has me trembling with excitement. Last time this happened….well it happened with Be With Me when I got sidetracked with it, but it resulted in a fast sale so hey, who am I to complain about the twisted way my brain works.

I realized this morning that I only have three weeks until the release of Golden Eyes and Sweet Surrender :whoo: Wow where does the time go?

I should have an excerpt up for Golden Eyes soon. I’m usually have one up a lot sooner than this but this year so far has been kicking my butt.

2 thoughts on “Proposal writing”

  1. judie stewart says:

    Can we get some more excerpts of Sweet Surrender? Please Maya, Please!

  2. Maya says:

    Hi Judie, I’ll be posting an excerpt at the writeminded yahoo group this week and also the next two weeks until release day :)

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